Accessibility at UPEI

Academic Accommodations Policy and Guidelines

Recognizing its moral and legal duty to provide academic accommodation to the point of undue hardship, UPEI is committed to providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities within a supportive, challenging environment consistent with academic principles.

  • UPEI Policy on Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
  • Procedures and Guidelines for Academic Accommodation
  • Medical Assessment Form for Students with Permanent Disabilities

Registering with Accessibility Services

Students with documented visible, invisible, and/or temporary disabilities can register with Accessibility Services. If you are struggling with your learning and want more information, please contact us at 902-566-0488 to arrange for an appointment with one of our accessibility case managers. You can also email us at

Adaptive Technologies

Adaptive technologies are programs, apps, or hardware that can help you learn more effectively. They may adapt the way you engage with texts, help you to develop successful habits, or provide you tools to organize your work. Browse through the options below to see what adaptive technologies might support your learning needs!

Read & Write for Google Chrome

Google Read and Write serves as a text to speech, speech to text, and grammar checking software. There are two versions of Google Read & Write. Students can purchase Google Read & Write to have full access to all of its tools and resources, or they can opt to download the free Google App extension of Google Read & Write with limited features. Read & Write is a big confidence booster for anyone who needs a little support with their reading and writing at school or in the workplace. Its friendly literacy features help English Language Learners, as well as people with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

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Sonocent is a multi-modal software program that serves as an electronic audio note-taking device. It visualizes audio as bars, which coordinate with typed notes and visual supports such as powerpoint presentations. Highlight any important parts to come back and replay as often as you like. Sonocent audio recordings are chunked using bars, so it is very easy to come back to different sections of your recording.

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Microsoft OneNote

Designed to function as an electronic version of a paper notebook, Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking and personal information management (PIM) application for collecting, organizing and sharing digital information. It is available as an installed web app for free online. Microsoft OneNote could be helpful to students who have a hard time organizing their work, notes, and assignments.

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Notability is one of the most powerful and productive note-taking apps available. It is an IOS app that creates notes that integrate handwriting, typing, drawings, audio, and pictures. It is used to create lecture notes and other classroom materials. Notability can also be used to annotate PDF documents, such as student assignments and PDF forms. It is uniquely designed for each device to provide the best note-taking experience at university, work and home.

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Kurzweil can provide support to students in the areas of reading, writing, studying, and test-taking. It is a text to speech software program, and may be especially helpful for students who are visually impaired, have a learning disability, or have ADD/ADHD. Students can purchase Kurzweil for their own computers so that text is read aloud, and they can also, if it is within their approved accommodations, use it for test-taking in Accessibility Services .

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Learning Apps

Brain.FM is a website/app that provides hundreds of instrumental song choices to help stimulate, calm, or improve your focus on daily tasks. Whether you want to work, meditate, or sleep, Brain.FM can help. Simply log on, select the activity you would like, and the music starts playing. You can easily apply a time settings and skip for different songs. This is for students who are easily distracted by voices, steps, and background noise. It is also for students looking to be more mindful and in tune with their present task.

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Focus Keeper is an app that helps promote productivity and a distraction reduced environment. Using the pomodoro technique, Focus Keeper breaks work sessions down into smaller chunks with 5 minute rest periods, making it easier for students to focus and stay on task. This is for students who are just starting out, want to create good habits, or can only keep focus for shorter periods at a time.

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Forest is an app that can help you break the habit of constantly being on your smartphone. The app works by “planting a seed” in a forest. If you stay away from your phone, your forest will grow, but if you use your phone, your forest will wither. This helps serve as a visual reminder to stay off your phone and focus on what is really important. This app is useful for students who work best with visual reminders and like helping the environment at the same time.

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Habitica is an app that helps you develop healthy habits and organize your daily to-do lists and goals, all while playing a game. Gain points when you complete tasks, and win prizes for your Habitica avatar. This app uses games and competitions to help you achieve your goals. Think of it like a fitbit for a gamer’s world. This is great for a student who needs a little incentive to stay on task. Have fun and set goals!

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Productive is a habit tracker app that allows you to pick and set goals you would like to focus on. Whether it be drink 8 glasses of water everyday, or study for 30 minutes each night, this app will help you achieve your goals. This app provides reminders to complete your daily tasks, and displays a calendar to track your progress. This app is great for a person who needs to set specific times and dates to complete tasks. You can set your goals for morning, afternoon, or evening.

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Swipes is a task management app that is extremely easy to use. If you are looking for a simple app that provides a canvas for you to list tasks to complete in one day, this is it. Create your task list and set reminders for the morning, afternoon, or evening. This app also has a “Done list” so users can see all the tasks they have achieved. This app is for good for a person who gets too overwhelmed by strict scheduling as it focuses on just only a few goals, one day at a time.

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Wunderlist is a cloud-based task-management application. It allows users to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. Wunderlist is free to download!

Use this app to create to do lists, grocery lists, study tasks, and more. You can set due dates and reminders to keep track of everything and meet deadlines. This app is for creating separate, organized lists across days, weeks, or months. This is for students who like to create lists and need organization at school, work, and home. It is also great for sharing with classmates and family.

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Other Helpful Apps

Alarmy is an app that encourages you to get out of bed by giving you challenges to resolve. Alarmy would be beneficial for students who tend to simply snooze or shut off and ignore their alarm.

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Chegg is an education technology company that offers a variety of services to high school and university students. Chegg offers things like online textbook rentals (physical and digital copies), homework help, tutoring, and internship opportunities. Chegg could be helpful for students who struggle with math or writing. Additionally, it could also be beneficial to students who need extra tutoring outside class.

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CliffNotes is a website that provides a multitude of online study guides and practice quizzes written by real teachers and professors for various high schools, colleges, and universities . CliffNotes could be helpful to students who need extra clarification on a subject.

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EasyBib is an online writing tool powered by Chegg that checks for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and plagiarism in your paper.

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Flashcards+ is an app powered by Chegg that allows you to create, browse and download digital flashcards on your mobile device. Flashcards+ could be helpful for students who need to study on the go.

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Good Morning Alarm Clock is a smart alarm clock that finds the optimal time to wake you up, keeps track of your sleep quality, and notifies you if you have not gotten enough sleep. Good Morning Alarm Clock would be good for students looking to improve their sleeping habits and wake up feeling more energized.

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LitCharts is an online service that provides literary work summaries, analyses, literature guides, quote explanations, literary definitions and more. LitCharts could be helpful to students who struggle to understand and analyze literary works.

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Mint is a popular free online personal finance app that offers a variety of easy-to-use financial planning and tracking tools. Mint could be useful for students who struggle to keep track of their spending and would like to become more financially conscious.

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Mylo is an app that helps you save and invest. The app links to your bank account and automatically rounds up all your purchases and saves the spare change. Mylo could be useful to students looking to effortlessly save money.

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Offtime helps you unplug from your phone by giving you daily limits and allowing you to set “off time” goals. OFFTIME could be helpful to students who find it hard to focus and get easily distracted by their mobile device.

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Pocket and Instapaper are both bookmarking apps that allow you to save and later view, online articles, videos, publications, etc. These apps could be helpful to students who use multiple devices and/or would like to keep all their online finds saved to one place.

Learn more about Pocket and Instapaper

SimpleMind is a mind mapping tool that turns your computer, tablet or phone into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device. SimpleMind is world leader in mobile mind mapping and is available for Android, iPad and iPhone, Mac and Windows. It is designed to synchronize your mind maps across platforms and access your mind maps anytime, anywhere. SimpleMind could be helpful to students who like to see their ideas visually represented.

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Tiny Scanner turns your mobile device into a portable scanner. Scans are saved to your phone as images or PDFs. Name and organize your scans into folders, or share them. Tiny Scanner can be useful to students who need to submit hand written work but do not own a scanner, or who want to digitize and keep all their work organized in one place.

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