Sexual Health

October 14, 2020: Due to a shortage of lab testing reagents, the self swab program is on hold pending the availability of testing reagents. If you have symptoms, please make an appointment at the UPEI Health and Wellness Centre. Otherwise, we will be operational once the reagents are once again available at the QEH laboratory. 

The Health Centre offers confidential sexual health information and services for UPEI students, staff, faculty, and their families:

  • Birth control counselling and prescriptions
  • Pregnancy testing and counselling
  • Condoms and other resources
  • Screening and treatment for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) 
  • Answers to your questions, such as:
    • Am I at risk?
    • Can STIs be prevented and how?
    • How do I know I am infected?
    • What should I expect at an appointment?
    • How do I book a Pap test?

Drop by and make an appointment, call the Clinic at (902) 566-0616, or email