UPEI ChangeMakers

UPEI ChangeMakers is a program aimed at developing, supporting, and celebrating UPEI students’ community work.

PEI needs you!

Strong communities rely on engagement. That’s why we’ve created a program designed to support you as you engage in the kind of work that matters to you. We want to connect you to people who need your help, and support you in developing the skills you need for the impact you want.

We see you!

Already engaged in community work? We love to see it! Let us help you to build on what you’re already doing by expanding your skill sets, broadening your reach, and connecting you with others for collaboration and networking.

Signing up for this program grants you access to:

  • free training on anti-racism, board governance, grant writing, and more;
  • career planning support, specifically tailored to your work in the community and how that relates to your long term goals;
  • features on UPEI’s website and in the press; and,
  • opportunities to connect and collaborate with other like-minded students and community members, on and off campus

How does it work?

Sign up using the link below and you’ll be added to a Moodle page with regularly updated volunteer opportunities and professional development resources. You’ll receive a welcome email and occasional email updates, but can browse the opportunities through the Moodle page at any time.

This is a non-credit program, so while you’ll find us listed on your Moodle, there are no grades or academic requirements. Participants are not required to complete all aspects of programming, but instead are given free access to a range of high-value opportunities which they can participate in based on their priorities and availability.

Sign up today!