Direct Action 2023-24

Category: Student, Recent Graduates & Alumni
Across Canada

Participant costs funded. 

Closing Date:

The Direct Action program places young people (ages 19-30) with government, not-for-profit, and grassroots organizations to participate in field-based and virtual conservation and communications projects. Each host organization welcomes one or more participants and provides them with the opportunity to work closely with established scientists, researchers, communicators, and educators on aquatic and marine ecology and conservation projects. These 3-month full-time placements immerse youth in virtual, urban, or remote marine, coastal and watershed environments across Canada.

There are 3 different application deadline dates: 

  • Spring/Summer placements - March 5, 2023
  • Fall placements - June 4, 2023
  • Winter placements - Sept 3, 2023




Participant costs funded.