Career Fair Information for Employers

UPEI Annual Career Fair

The UPEI Experiential Education department and UPEI Career Services host an annual Career Fair which invites employers to share employment opportunities with UPEI students. The Fair welcomes organizations from various industries that are hiring students for full-time, part-time, or seasonal positions.

The 2022 Career Fair was held virtually during the month of March.

If your organization would like to receive notices about future UPEI Career Fairs, please fill out this online form or contact:

UPEI Career Services

Employers surveyed after the 2020 and 2019 UPEI Career Fairs said:

  • 70% said that the student turnout at the fair exceeded their expectations

  • 90% said they anticipate that their presence at the fair was helpful for their recruitment efforts

a female conservation officer speaks to two males

  • “Students seemed very well prepared. Most came with resumes and a bit of background knowledge on our company.”

  • “It was great to see so many students at the event. Good crowd, great interest.”

  • “Wonderful communication leading up to and during the event. Lots of details were covered. Well done!”

  • “Networking atmosphere was perfect.”

  • “There was a good turnout and the setting allowed you to engage with students.”