New EAP Students

Are you a new student and required to take the UPEI English Academic Preparation (EAP) Program? If so, you are to follow these steps before the semester starts.

After you receive an offer letter to a degree program and EAP / GEAP, the next steps are:

1. Apply for a study permit.

2. Pay the $250 tuition deposit (using link provided by the Admissions Office).

3. Make an appointment to take an English assessment with the EAP program. Contact the EAP Program Manager or Assistant Coordinator to schedule an English assessment:

Christina Perry, Program Manager -
Jo Schneider, Assistant Coordinator -

4. English assessment results will be emailed to students. The EAP Program Manager and Assistant Coordinator will register students in EAP / GEAP courses using the scores from the assessment.

5. Students must be in EAP level 6 or level 7 to be allowed to take a degree program course. Students can email Christina or Jo if they would like help with degree course registration.

6. Students enrolled in the GEAP program are not able to start their degree program until after successfully meeting English requirements in all skill areas.

All EAP courses are online for the Winter 2021 semester.

Students start EAP courses on the first day of the semester (January 5, 2021 for the Winter 2021 semester). EAP instructors will email students before classes start with instructions about connecting to their online course.

English Assessment Scores and EAP Course Placement

The speaking and writing sections are scored using the assessment CanTEST levels. Scores given are from 1.0 (lowest) to 5.0 (highest). The listening and reading sections are scored using the Common European Framework levels (CEFR). Scores given are from A1 (lowest) to C2 (highest).

Speaking CANTest Listening and Reading CEFR Writing CANTest EAP Course Placement
Full-time EAP     Levels 2–5
1.0–2.0 A1 1.0–2.0 EAP 0030-3
2.0 A2 2.0 EAP 0030-2
2.5 A2+ 2.5 EAP 0030-1
3.0 B1 3.0 EAP 0020-1
Bridging Program     Level 6
3.5 B2 3.5 EAP 0010
EAP 0011
EAP 0017
Bridging Program     Level 7
4.0 C1 4.0 EAP 0013
EAP 0012
EAP 0015
EAP 0018
Graduate EAP     No level given
3.5–4.5 B2–C1+ 3.5–4.5  

The EAP Program Manager and Assistant Coordinator will review the scores to make the best overall decision when placing students. If a student has scores that cross different levels, course placement will be based on an overall average.

See the student handbooks for EAP and Graduate EAP for more information about courses.

Undergraduate EAP Student Handbook 

Graduate EAP Student Handbook