Get Your Booklist

You can access a personalized list of your required textbooks using MyUPEI

  1. Visit MyUPEI and log in.
  2. In the "Student Tool Box" go to "Student Planning".
  3. In the dropdown "Academics" option, under "Student Planning", choose "Plan and Schedule" (this is the student current timetable/schedule).
  4. In "Plan and Schedule", click on the course for which you need a book.
  5. A screen will pop up and you scroll all the way to the bottom until you see "Bookstore Information".
  6. Once you click "Bookstore Information," you'll be taken to the Bookstore website where you can see which book you will need for the course.

You will have to repeat all of these steps for each course.

Please note there could be several options listed on your booklist for the same course. You may not be required to buy all of these if they are different versions of the same course materials (i.e., there could be a print textbook and an e-book listed and you don’t need to buy both). Please ask our staff for help with your booklist if you have any questions.

If the Bookstore has not yet received a book for one of your courses it may not be listed there yet. Please check your course outline or ask your instructor for a list of required books.

New Online Browse and Buy Option

In addition to finding your booklist in MyUPEI, you can also browse and search for your textbooks by course name on our new online store. We'll be adding additional textbooks and other UPEI Bookstore items to our new store throughout the semester.

Health Sciences Trade and Reference Books

Click on the link below to shop for a variety of health sciences books. You can find some of your textbooks here along with lots of trade and reference books for areas of study such as: Veterinary Medicine (Path/Micro, Biomedical Sci, Companion Animals, etc.), Nursing, Biology, APA, Music, Food and Nutrition, Family Sciences, and Kiniesiology.

Online Bookstore