Where is the Bookstore?

  • We are located on the first floor of the W.A. Murphy Student Centre at the end of the building across from the UPEI Sports Centre. The W.A. Murphy Student Centre is # 4 on the Campus Map.

How do I know what books I need?

Does the Bookstore have used books?

  • Yes we do carry some used books, you will find them on the shelves next to the new textbooks for that course.  We also buy used books back from students, for more information click the buyback tab from the main page of this website.

Do you carry e-books?

  • Yes, we do carry e-books as well as the electronic access codes you need for labs and on-line learning exercises.  Many of these come packaged with new textbooks but we also sell them separately and keep them at our front cash counter.

Where can I find a clicker?

  • Clickers available at the front cash counter, please ask one of our staff at the counter.

Should I buy my books before classes start?

  • We recommend that you buy your books after you go to your first class; however, we realize that people like to shop early especially if they are looking for used books.

Can I buy my textbooks on-line?

Can I order a book that I don't see at the Bookstore?

  • Yes, we would be happy to order in any book you are looking for.

What if I can’t make it in to the store during your hours of operation?

  • If you need to make a purchase and can’t make it to the store please give us a call. We can take payment over the phone and arrange for you to pick up your purchase or mail it out to you.

What is the return policy on textbooks?

Will the Bookstore buy back my used textbooks?

Can I charge purchases on my student account?

  • You can but you must purchase a textbook of at least $20.00. You can charge books and school supplies on your account. You are not allowed to charge clothing or giftware to your student account. If you have a balance owing on your account you may not be able to make charges.

Do students get a discount in the store?

  • Unfortunately there is no regular discount for students; we do run some sales and promotions throughout the year.

What if I find a book cheaper somewhere else?

Do you ever have sales or specials?

  • We do have sales during the year when you can save 20% on all of our clothing, giftware and office supplies. We do on occasion run other sales for special events such as convocation day.

Is it busy at the start of the term? Will I have to wait in line?

  • At times in September and in January the store is very busy and there is a large line. Please be patient as we move the line along as fast as we can. The store is generally quiet first thing in the morning or in the evening on the days we are open late if you want to avoid the line.

Are you open extra hours at busy times of year?

  • We are open until 7:30 pm on four days at the beginning of each semester, usually the first Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each term. We are also open on Saturdays in December for 3 or 4 weeks before Christmas. Please check our website for all extended hours.

Are you open during the Summer?

  • Yes, we are open all summer but the store does close at 4:00 instead of 4:30.

How do I get a job at the Bookstore?

For updates on extended hours, sales, textbook buyback, etc you can follow us on Twitter @UPEIBookstore or Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/UPEIBookstore. 

Still have a question we did not answer? Please contact us at (902) 566-0625, or by email at bookstore@upei.ca.


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