Large Animal Surgery

AVC’s Large Animal Hospital is equipped with advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment for evaluation and treatment of large animal species referred from throughout Atlantic Canada. A steady caseload of racing Standardbreds, pleasure horses and farm animals provide veterinary students, interns and residents first-hand experience and training opportunities.

The surgical caseload includes arthroscopic procedures, treatment of bone fractures, colics, castration of normal and cryptorchid horses, ‘tie-backs" for horses with laryngeal paralysis, Cesarian section and displaced abomasums in cattle, as well as other surgical procedures in the large animal species.

The large animal surgery suite consists of two well-equipped operating rooms, each with a hydraulic table capable of supporting animals up to 2,200 pounds in a variety of positions. Each operating room has its own padded recovery room, filtered air supply and observation windows for veterinary students. There is a third surgery in the hospital for performing standing surgery on conscious animals when anaesthesia can be provided by use of local anaesthetics.

A large part of the surgery caseload is involved with diagnosis and treatment of unusual or difficult lameness problems of horses. A large arena with jogging track and a high-speed treadmill, and gamma scintigraphy in the Radiology Suite provide support for these examinations year-round. Unusual respiratory problems in horses are evaluated by endoscopy of the larynx while the horse is exercised on the treadmill.