Anesthesiology Service

The anesthesiology service provides comprehensive anesthetic and pain management services for small and large domestic animals, as well as many exotic animals. We have a skilled and dedicated service team that provides an exceptional standard of care for animals admitted to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Each patient is evaluated by the anesthesiology service to determine the risks associated with anesthesia. Anesthetic and analgesic drugs, regional anesthetic techniques, patient monitoring, and supportive care are carefully selected to minimize these risks, and to ensure that each patient is as comfortable as possible while they are hospitalized.

We have developed posters outlining anesthetic and pain management protocols and principles for small animals, and similar protocols and principles for large animals, in collaboration with the Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

The anesthesiology service also provides an exceptional learning environment for our students. Most patients are managed by a veterinary student under the direct supervision of a member of the anesthesiology service team.

The faculty anesthesiologists welcome questions and requests for consultations from veterinarians in private practice. The anesthesiologists can be reached by calling 902-566-0950.