Veterinary Teaching Hospital

The AVC Veterinary Teaching Hospital is committed to:

  • providing an outstanding level of health care for its animal patients
  • delivering services in a professional manner, ensuring client satisfaction
  • ensuring AVC’s senior Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students receive a high-quality education through hands-on training
  • partnering with our communities to help keep our animals healthy and happy.

More than 6,000 small and large animals are cared for on-site at the AVC Veterinary Teaching Hospital each year. Thousands more are cared for off-site at farms, race tracks and fish farms.

A recent expansion and renovation to the AVC Veterinary Teaching Hospital enables the College to offer more services than ever before. In addition, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital is able to offer clients and pet owners an increased level of critical care thanks to the addition of more operating rooms and a state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit.