Shipping Samples

Samples to be sent to Diagnostic Services may be transported by a variety of shipping options. Samples are most commonly shipped using Midland Courier with whom a preferred rate can be obtained through Diagnostic Services. Other shipping options can include Fed Ex, Canada Post or delivery in person.

Diagnostic samples shipped by ground transportation must meet specific standards for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Packaging and Shipping Requirements for Submitting Specimens by Ground Transportation (PDF)

Shipping Glass Slides (PDF)

Recycling Packaging Material
Diagnostic Services is keen to recycle any products that are feasible such as styrofoam tube boxes, slide mailers, bubble wrap and plastic bags. These are available free of charge to be sent to your clinic when you need to restock. Just enclose a note with your submission or call the laboratory (902-566-0863) to make your request. Unfortunately, ice packs pose too great a weight for shipment at no charge and generally cost more to ship than purchasing new stock.