Winter 2021

When: January 24–March 28, 2021 
Structure: Co-ed, Recreational League
Where: Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre (gym 2 and 3)
Time: Sundays 6:00 pm – 9:00  pm

Limited space. Current UPEI students ONLY.

Register today!

Pre-registration required. NO drop-ins.

Come on out and practice those spikes, bumps, and volleys we know you’ve been dying to perfect! With one of our top-attended intramurals programs from last year, it’s time to come and meet some eager and passionate volleyball fans around campus! The 6-on-6 structure, regular sized volleyball court, allows for fast-paced and exciting games. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to show off your skills and get your weekly dose of competition.   

Return to play guidelines for participants

In order to minimize the risks of COVID-19 infection and still allow volleyball to be played, here is a list of steps for participants and recreation student staff to follow:  

  1. If you have any flu or cold-like symptoms (regardless how minor) STAY HOME.
  2. Each player will be registered when they arrive, and provide a contact phone number.
  3. Masks are mandatory in all UPEI campus buildings. Participants can remove mask when on the gymnasium court.
  4.  Please use the provided hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands before and after play and avoid touching your face. 
  5. Players will try to observe social distancing of 2 metres between yourself and any players or student staff when interacting on or off the court. 
  6. There should be no unnecessary contact between participants – this includes handshakes, hugs, meeting at the net, and high-fives. 
  7. Participants should leave immediately after the activity. Participants should not congregate or socialize in the gymnasium space.
  8. Minimize touching any surface (e.g. stair railings, seats, entry doors, net posts). 
  9. Participants line up outside the gymnasium in the designated area and enter the gymnasium only when directed by Intramural Recreation student staff. 
  10. Players should bring their own water bottles (no sharing).
  11. Balls should be assigned to each group and not shared with other groups. If a ball from another court comes over, participants should use their feet to kick it back.

Volleyball rules 

All participants are expected to compete and participate in a sportsmanlike manner. ROUGH PLAY, DISREGARD FOR THE RULES, DISRESPECTING OTHER PLAYERS, VOLUNTEERS, OR THE INTRAMURALS COORDINATOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  If any players engages in any kind of inappropriate behaviour, the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator and/or the Assistant Intramurals Coordinators have the right to request dismissal from the game, multiple games, and potential expulsion from the league.