Academic Accommodation and Supports for Students

What is academic accommodation?

Academic accommodation relates to the student’s learning and evaluation in an academic program or particular class. Non-academic accommodation relates to university activities and services that are not otherwise considered an academic accommodation.

Students are responsible for requesting accommodations as early as possible in the semester, preferably prior to the academic term.

For more information please contact Accessibility Services at 902-566-0668.

How to register and required documentation

If this is your first time requesting accommodations, you should make an appointment with a case manager in Accessibility Services. You will be required to provide documentation to support the needs for accommodations and describe function limitations. Students who have a learning disability will be required to provide a formal Psychoeducational Assessment as the form of documentation, most other disabilities can be supported by using the medical verification form

Students will discuss how their disability is impacting their experience at UPEI. Recommendations will be developed and an accommodation plan will be kept on file. Accommodation plans are reviewed when the needs of the student have changed. 

All information about a student’s disability is kept confidential and in accordance with the Access to Information and Protection Privacy Act, other privacy legislation to which the University is subject and University policies. However, the University needs sufficient information to reasonably evaluate and respond to a student’s request for accommodation. 

In order for Accessibility Services to send accommodation letters to professors each semester, students must fill out a Student Accommodation Form on myUPEI.

Scheduling tests, quizzes, and exams

Schedule your midterm and final exams with Accessibility Services using the online scheduling portal AccessDeck.

Book midterms at the beginning of each semester or within seven (7) days of the midterm to ensure that a room and a proctor are assigned. Students will be alerted when the final exam schedule is uploaded and must register all final exams before the scheduled date.

If you have any questions regarding exam accommodations, contact

Tutoring and notetaking

Looking for a tutor?

A tutor can help you:

  • Improve your grades
  • Improve your attitude toward a subject
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Keep you focused and organized

Visit the Tutor Bank website to meet our tutors, or contact for more information.

Having difficulty taking notes?

Please contact to discuss the options for the provision of a notetaker. Both tutoring and notetaking are fee-based services.

Mentoring service

Student Affairs is pleased to offer a unique one-on-one mentoring service designed to help first year students become more acclimated to campus life, and to broaden their access to all that UPEI has to offer. Our mentoring relationships are complemented by a series of pre-planned skill building activities (such as planning, organization, and scheduling) to support the first year student experience.

You can email your case manager to be connected with a peer mentor or learn more about this service.

Learning strategy support 

The learning strategist is available to help you develop academic skills and strategies to support your academic success. In confidential one to one meetings, the learning strategist can help you improve your time management, organization, reading, notetaking and writing skills. If you are a student with a disability, the learning strategist will work with you to understand how your disability impacts your learning and develop strategies that meet your unique learning needs. 

Writing support

The Writing Centre is located in Room 274 in the Robertson Library. This is a free service and knowledgeable tutors can help you at any stage of the writing process (brainstorming for a topic, drafting a thesis statement, organizing ideas, and the correct way to use sources). To make an appointment, sign-up sheets are posted just outside the Centre.


Who can use counselling?

All registered students at UPEI can access counselling services at UPEI. Our certified counsellors will be happy to meet with students with any issues that are getting in the way of the university experience they want to have. Students can access counselling service without a referral. Referrals to external, community-based resources can be arranged when needed. This is a free service.

Health Center

The UPEI Health Centre provides comprehensive health care services and referrals for students.

Academic coaching

Struggling with your learning? Need help with time-management, study strategies and effective notetaking? We have academic coaching available to assist you. Please email

Online Referral Form 

Accessibility Services now has an online referral form for faculty and staff to make referrals for students to our office.

Visit myUPEI to complete the referral form