WAC Strategies

The collection of links below presents a graduated approach to integrating WAC principles into your courses. The first section ("Getting Started") addresses some of the typical concerns of an instructor who is unfamiliar with WAC and would like to learn some simple WAC-oriented techniques that can be used immediately. The second section ("Taking WAC Further") builds on that foundation by introducing more advanced concepts, such as assignment-level concepts and coaching writing within a discipline. The third section ("The WAC-Oriented Course") presents steps to integrate WAC more fully into a course.

Remember: you need not be alone in in your exploration of WAC. If, at any point, you would like more assistance, just email the .

Getting Started

Why WAC?

But I'm Not an English Professor!

WAC Fundamentals

Dispelling Myths

Basic Tools and Techniques

Responding to Student Writing

Helping Students to Become Active Readers


More pages to come...

Taking WAC Further

Designing Effective Assignments

Sequencing Assignments

Advanced WAC Tools and Techniques

Helping Students Learn to Revise

Teaching Writing Conventions within a Discipline

Using the Centre for Writing

Assessing WAC Effectiveness in Your Course


The WAC-Oriented Course

Planning Your Course

Matching Assignments with Objectives

Writing-Intensive Courses

Detailed Assessment of WAC Effectiveness