Workshop Calendar

The Faculty Development Office and E-Learning Office offer and host workshops and information sessions. All UPEI staff and faculty are welcome to attend any sessions that they would wish to attend. Invitations to these events are also sent out through Campus Notices

If you would like to request or propose a workshop topic, please fill out our workshop request form.



April 24 - How to Submit Final Grades - Jason Hogan
10am-11am - Rm 265, Robertson Library
A quick guide on how to submit your final grades to the Registrar's Office. Feel free to bring your grades and submit them following the session. 


May 7 - Encouraging Student Participation & Discussion - Joel MacDonald
2pm-3pm - Rm 265, Robertson Library
How can I promote more class discussion? What kind of questions should I ask or activities should I set up to stimulate more student engagement? This workshop will help instructors create a more engaging class environment. REGISTER 
May 10 - Web Conference with your Students: How to Use BlackBoard Collaborate - Joel MacDonald
2pm-3pm - Rm 265, Robertson Library
BlackBoard Collaborate is web conferencing software that allows instructors to do many things to engage with their students. Use BlackBoard Collaborate to record your teaching  for days when your face-to-face class has been cancelled. Share your PowerPoint or use the interactive whiteboard, BlackBoard Collaborate allows you to set up a complete virtual classroom. It’s simple, easy and reliable. REGISTER
May 14 - How People Learn - Joel MacDonald
2pm-3pm - Rm 265, Robertson Library
With the increase in quality and quantity of cognitive sciences research over the last few years, what of it can be usefully applied to teaching? This workshop aims to summarize that research on learning and memory and provide instructors with tips for integration into their teaching.  REGISTER 
May 17 - Feedback & Rubrics as Communication Elements for Student Assessment - Joel MacDonald
2pm-3pm - Rm 265, Robertson Library

As an instructor, you’ve set up a syllabus that clearly explains your expectations for where students will end up. Then you set them on the journey to that destination. However, some will get off track along the way. The information you provide, how you provide it and when you provide it will be key to getting them back on the right path or in keeping them on the right path.
In this workshop instructors will learn strategies for the use of feedback and rubrics that they can use to accompany student assessments. REGISTER

May 24 - Create Interactive Videos for your Course - Joel MacDonald
2pm-3pm - Rm 265, Robertson Library
Interactive videos can increase student engagement and interest. Our latest version of Moodle is now equipped with interactive video creation capability. Instructors are invited to attend a workshop on how to create a basic interactive video..  REGISTER 
May 28 - Design a Mid-Semester Student Feedback Survey - Joel MacDonald
2pm-3pm - Rm 265, Robertson Library

How is my course going and how am I doing? With the semester near half over, these are great questions to ask your students since there's still time to make minor changes that could have a major impact on overall student learning outcomes. In this workshop you will learn what kinds of questions to ask to help you get the feedback you need from your students. You will also learn how to create a quick online survey for your questions that will make data collection and analysis easy.  REGISTER

May 31 - Maximizing Student Learning - Joel MacDonald
2pm-3pm - Rm 265, Robertson Library
Learning is an action that only the student can own and control. As an instructor, what can be done to help support the development of student core skills? In this workshop, instructors will learn about three key skills that contribute to more efficient and effective learning. Those skills are how to take quality notes, how to read for learning, and how to study effectively.  REGISTER


June 4 - Gamifying your Course - Joel MacDonald
2pm-3pm - Rm 265, Robertson Library
Games are compelling for young and old alike. Adding game elements to your course is one way of enhancing your students' engagement. In this workshop you will learn about basic game elements and how they can be used both in online and face-to-face teaching environments. REGISTER 
June 7 - Writing Effective & Relevant Targets for Learning - Joel MacDonald
2pm-3pm - Rm 265, Robertson Library
Providing content for a course is pretty easy to do. Figuring out how to explain to students what that content will do to them and for them is far more challenging. There are numerous ways to describe learning and just as many opinions as to which is best. Are learning targets even necessary? Come hear what the E-Learning Office has to say about targets for learning. REGISTER


July 31 - Reflection in Teaching: A 30 Day Challenge - Joel MacDonald
12pm-1pm - Rm 292, Robertson Library
Reflection is the mediator between knowledge and experience and is a vital skill for instructional professionals in order to continuously improve their teaching. Does becoming a more reflective practitioner sound good to you?  In this workshop, participants will be provided with exercises to practice reflection daily over a 30 day period. This is a collaborative learning experience as participants will share between them and comment on their daily reflections. This workshop consists of two face-to-face sessions (July 31 and August 31, 12:00-1:00 PM, Rm 292 Robertson Library) with the remainder of events, occurring between those sessions, online. Register early as space is limited for this event.  REGISTER
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