Prospecting Fund

The overall vision of internationalization at UPEI is to strengthen and enhance existing partnerships with higher learning institutions and other relevant organizations in different parts of the globe. While emphasizing the importance of strengthening existing relationships, UPEI is also committed to exploring possible avenues for building and nurturing new relationships. In doing so, the University believes that a network of global academic communities could provide the necessary tools to make a positive impact on many lives through quality education.

The benefits of such collaborations and engagements are multidimensional. UPEI faculty, staff, and students participating in international projects could benefit from our partners’ perspectives, approaches and values. In effect, all parties involved will learn important lessons through knowledge circulation and exchange.

UPEI is fully aware of the opportunities and challenges that exist in such projects. While capitalizing on the opportunities, the University is also well equipped to overcome the challenges with a strong collaborative spirit. The primary mission, goal and mandate of the International Relations Office (IRO) is to help members of faculty in supporting international projects involving students.

PLEASE NOTE: As funds are only available on a year-to-year basis, travel must be conducted as planned. If, for any reason, travel must be cancelled or postponed, please contact the International Relations Office. Travel postponed until a new fiscal year will have to go through a new competition process. These funds are only available until the end of the fiscal year, or until all funds are exhausted, whichever comes first.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for funding for international prospecting, a faculty/staff member must:

  1. Be engaging in a specific project that has a discernible potential for expanding, strengthening and enhancing existing partnerships and/or creating new partnerships with the intention of developing faculty led international courses for students.
  2. Submit the Prospecting Fund application form with a supporting piece (two pages max) outlining:
    • Potential partner information,
    • A summary of the project and how many students will be impacted,
    • The specific anticipated outcomes and deliverables from the project.
  3. Prepare and submit an indicative budget estimating the costs of the proposed project.
  4. Complete the attached application form and have it signed by his/her Departmental Chair or Faculty Dean.
  5. Have endorsement from his/her Departmental Chair or Faculty Dean (including an agreement that the Department or the Faculty will cover a reasonable portion of the expenses).
  6. Complete a 1-page summary of outcomes and deliverables achieved from the faculty/staff member’s prospecting project no later than one month after returning from his/her visit.
  7. Submit all required documentation to the International Relations Office.

Standards for Proposals:

The adjudication process will be chaired by the Director of the International Relations Office and the International Liaison Officer. Proposals will be reviewed to ensure that they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Could serve to strengthen and enhance existing relationships;
  • Has a viable real potential to build and nurture new relationships;
  • Has potential for positive benefits to all stakeholders, especially students;
  • Contributes to the overall international agenda of UPEI.

Procedural steps:

  • Step I: The project must be approved by the appropriate Department Chair or Dean.
  • Step II: The completed Prospecting Fund Application Form must be submitted to the International Relations Office.
  • Step III: Immediately following the applicant’s return, receipts and all required documents must be submitted to the International Relations Office. Expense forms must have an account number listed for internal transfer of funds. Please be advised that the Accounting Office requires at least two weeks processing time for travel claims.

How the Application Will be Acknowledged:

Submitting a completed form does not guarantee funding; however, all proposals will be reviewed.

Maximum Allowable Amount:

The maximum amount allowed is up to 50% of the travel expenses. Claims cannot exceed $2,000 CAD in funding;

Documents, records and original receipts must be submitted upon return.

Project Background and Linkages:

Please indicate clearly if the project is built on an existing partnership or is part of a process towards establishing a new relationship.

Approval: Applications are assessed by their overall relevance and benefit to the University. The number of proposals approved will be contingent on the funding available in that round.

Note: Funding will NOT be provided for projects and/or travel which have already been implemented or completed.

Other funding sources:

When possible, applicants should consider alternative funding opportunities. Projects which show the leveraging of UPEI funds with resources from other organizations will be prioritized.

Summary of Outcomes and Deliverables from International Prospecting Visit

  • Due one month after returning from the project visit;
  • Must be submitted in order to have funds released;
  • Successful applicants must have a valid account number for the funds to be transferred into.
  • In addition to all of the above, a 250-word Campus Connector newsletter article with photo will be required by the applicant. 

Following a call for applications, interested parties should complete the application form, and submit it to

Sherilyn Acorn-LeClair
Contact UPEI