Career Services FAQ

How do I book an appointment with a career counsellor?

To book an appointment with a career counsellor, see the book an appointment service page.  

I need help writing a resume and preparing for interviews.

To have your resume reviewed or practice your interview skills please make an appointment with a career counsellor

I don't know what career path I can follow with my major. 

To inquire about possible career paths that align with your major, make an appointment to talk with a career counsellor

I am interested in applying to graduate or a professional program and I need some assistance with the application process.

To inquire about Graduate and Professional School and the application process, make an appointment to talk with a career counsellor

What kind of issues do students bring to career counselling?

Career Services can offer assistance with a variety of career related issues. Some examples include:

  • Clarifying career goals
  • Discussing career options and possible paths to get there
  • Learning about possible career paths
  • Ensuring your major choice will align with your career path
  • Exploring the possibilities of further education, whether is be professional school, graduate school, or college
  • Assistance with writing a personal statement or letter of intent
  • Cover letter and resume reviewing
  • Preparing for an interview which may be for graduate school or a professional program or employment ***Please note you are only allowed a maximum of 4 mock interview appointments***
  • Developing a job search strategy

How can career counsellors help me?

Our career counsellors can help you:

  • Explore what is holding you back
  • Develop a career plan
  • Research your career options
  • Help answer questions like, what are my strengths and weaknesses? What do I want to be when I grow up?  
  • Explore your talents and interests
  • Make sound academic and career decisions
  • Critique your personal statement
  • Make decisions about advanced studies or entering the job market
  • Prepare for interviews ***Please note you are only allowed a maximum of 4 mock interview appointments***
  • Fine tune your job search techniques

What should I do to prepare for my initial career counselling session?

You may want to think about what kinds of questions you want to ask or what information you need to find out. Think about what your goals are and how much time you will have to devote to the work you will do with the counsellor. We encourage you to also bring any career related materials you might have, whether this be a resume, cover letter, or personal statement you would like to be reviewed.

What kind of assessments are used in Career Counselling?

Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

The SII is an online inventory in which a student indicates liking/disliking of, or agreement/disagreement with, a great variety of items, which have been found to be critical in differentiating occupational groups. The SII examines your preferences about occupations, extracurricular activities, academic subjects, etc. By identifying trends among your interests, the inventory generates an extensive list of prospective careers for further exploration. Most students who write the SII find that it generally confirms their expectations about their interests and helps clarify the relationship of their interests to career possibilities. Other benefits may include the identification of occupations congruent with their interests that they had not previously thought of, or the identification of possible reasons for dissatisfaction with a present career direction.

For further information or to write the SII, please email Kylah at The fee for this inventory is $27.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI helps you understand the attributes of your personality and how they relate to your career choices. It provides you with an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, how you interact with others, and how you are perceived by others.

For further information or to write the MBTI, please email Kylah at The fee for this inventory ranges from $30- $35.


The SkillScan assessment can hellp you understand the transferability of your skills to new functions and career options; identify skills needing development to enhance career mobility; acquire descriptive language for leveraging your skills in resumes and interviews; and increase your self awareness and self esteem. 

For further information or to write the SkillScan, please email Kylah at The fee for this inventory is $5.



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