William M. Whelan

BSc, MSc, PhD
Chair; Professor
(902) 566-0419
School of Sustainable Design Engineering Building, 217
MSc (McMaster)
PhD (McMaster)


  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Canadian Institute for Photonics Innovations 
  • Atlantic Innovation Fund
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)
  • Canada Research Chair Program 

Currently, my research is focused on the development of emerging technologies for the biomedical science sector including novel methods for disease detection and cancer management.

However, the technology may find wider application in the material science and life science sectors. Specifically, we are investigating the potential of interstitial thermal therapy as an effective modality for the treatment of disease, including the thermal destruction of small solid tumors. This minimally invasive procedure involves implanting thin, flexible optical fibers (coupled to a laser) into the tissue and heating to above 60 ºC which denatures proteins and results in tissue damage. We are developing 1) accurate treatment planning algorithms to optimize clinical protocols, 2) on-line monitoring strategies to control treatments and 3) novel imaging modalities (i.e. optoacoustic imaging) to assess treatment outcome. We are currently focusing our efforts on the treatment of prostate cancer. However, the general goal of this work is to optimize and control interstitial thermal therapy for a variety of tissue pathologies.

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