Community Outreach

High School Physics Enrichment Program

The High School Physics Enrichment Program (HSPEP) is a unique opportunity for high-performing students with an interest and aptitude for physics. Students can accelerate their academic development while gaining UPEI credit and competing for a UPEI full-course tuition credit. The program runs concurrently with the school year (October to June).

For more information about the High School Physics Enrichment Program, contact:

Derek Lawther
(902) 566-0338

Astronomy public viewings

The Physics department and the Charlottetown chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) have a free public viewing on the second weekend of each month during the two fall and winter terms. The times for the viewings will vary from month to month depending on the daylight hours. Please check our main astronomy information blog and follow us on Twitter @UPEIAstronomy.

For more information about astronomy public viewings, contact:

Megan Glover
(902) 566-0745

School or community visits

Departmental faculty currently visit all school levels and groups upon request. We give demonstrations, information and short lectures about various topics in physics. We are also active with university campus outreach initiatives such as the science fair, and the Vet College Open House.

For more information about school and community visits, contact:

Dr. Bill Whelan, Chair
(902) 566-0419

Please visit our Faculty and Staff page for areas of outreach specialization. All of our faculty can talk about general aspects of physics.

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