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Nola Etkin

BSc, PhD
Interim Dean of Science; Professor
(902) 566-0320
Office of the Dean of Science
Health Sciences Building, 309
BSc (Hons) (Ottawa)
PhD (Alberta)

Dr. Nola Etkin researches the preparation of new types of metal-containing compounds that can be used as catalysts for industrial processes, such as olefin polymerization—the making of plastics. Her research targets specialty application plastics, including those that are strong or have high melting points. She is also interested in the synthesis of medicinally important compounds.

Postdoctoral Positions

  • 1994-1995 University of Alberta
  • 1995-1997 University of Windsor

Research Interests

  • New catalysts for olefin polymerization
  • Methods for organic synthesis
  • Isolation and characterization of nutraceuticals

Courses Taught

  • Chem 111 (General) 
  • Chem 112 (General) 
  • Chem 241 (Organic I) 
  • Chem 242 (Organic II) 
  • Chem 342 (Advanced Organic) 
  • Chem 361 (Spectroscopy) 
  • Chem 464 (Polymer Chemistry)
  • Carbon-Carbon Bond Activation by Electrophilic Complexes of Cobalt. Anomalous [3 + 2 + 2] Allyl/Alkyne Cycloaddition Reactions and [5 + 2] Cyclopentenyl/Alkyne Insertion Ring Expansion Reactions. Trevor Dzwiniel, Nola Etkin, and Jeffrey M. Stryker. Journal of the American Chemical Society, In Press.
  • Synthesis of 1,2-Cyclopentadienyl Diimine Anions and Their Zirconium Complexes. Nola Etkin, Christopher Ong and Douglas W. Stephan. Organometallics, 17, 3656 (1998).
  • The Zirconocenedihydride-Allane Adducts: [(Cp')2ZrH(m-H)2]3Al and [(Cp')2ZrH(m-H)2]2AlH Cp' = Me3SiC5H4. Nola Etkin and Douglas W. Stephan. Organometallics, 17, 763 (1998).
  • The Anionic Zirconocene Trihydride: [Cp*2ZrH3]-. Nola Etkin, Aaron Hoskin and Douglas W. Stephan. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 119, 11420 (1997).
  • Niobium and Tantalum Diphosphonato-Complexes: Synthesis, Structure and NMR Studies of Cp2MH[(PR)2] (R = Ph, Cy, H). Nola Etkin, Michael T. Benson, Silke Courtenay, Michael J. McGlinchey, Alex D. Bain and Douglas W. Stephan. Organometallics, 16, 3504 (1997).
  • Catalytic Synthesis of the P16 Macrocycle (C6H4P2)8. Nola Etkin, Maria C. Fermin and Douglas W. Stephan. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 119, 2954 (1997).
  • Synthesis, Structural and Reactivity Studies of Thiatitanacyclopropanes. Yujin Huang, Nola Etkin, Richard H. Heyn, T. Timothy Nadasdi and Douglas W. Stephan. Organometallics, 15, 2320 (1996).
  • Nola Etkin, Krista M. Affleck, Christopher M. Ong, and Douglas W. Stephan, "Development of New Transition Metal Catalysts for Olefin Polymerization." 82nd Canadian Chemical Conference and Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, 996, (1999).
  • Nola Etkin, "Development of New Chiral Transition Metal Complexes for Asymmetric Catalysis." 81st Canadian Chemical Conference and Exhibition, Whistler, British Columbia, 283, (1998).
  • Nola Etkin and Douglas W. Stephan, "Activation and Catalytic Oligomerization of Primary Phosphines by Anionic Zirconium Hydrides." 80th Canadian Chemical Conference and Exhibition, Windsor, Ontario, 295 (1997).
  • Nola Etkin, Michael T. Benson, Douglas W. Stephan and Michael J. McGlinchey, "Activation and Catalytic Oligomerization of Primary Phosphines by Group IV and V Transition Metal Hydrides." 29th Inorganic Discussion Weekend, Montreal, Quebec (1996).
  • Nola Etkin, Yujin Huang, T. Timothy Nadasdi, Richard H. Heyn and Douglas W. Stephan, "Synthetic, Structural and Reactivity Studies of Thiatitanacyclopropanes." 28th Inorganic Discussion Weekend, London, Ontario (1995).
  • N. Etkin and J. M. Stryker, "Cobalt-Mediated [3 + 2 + 2] Allyl-Alkyne Cycloaddition Reactions. Product Characterization and Mechanistic Concerns." 78th Canadian Chemical Conference and Exhibition, Guelph, Ontario, 728 (1995).
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