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Environmental Careers

What can I do with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies?

You can work in many different fields!

  • Environmental management
  • Environmental conservation
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Urban or rural sustainability
  • Environmental education
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Public policy
  • Sustainability planning
  • Environmental assessment
  • Ecotourism
  • Environmental law

Useful websites

Read an article from Alternatives Journal about Environmental Studies and careers:

The Genius of the Generalist: Why Environmental Studies is essential to the workforce we need now

Dr. Carolyn Peach Brown
Environmental Studies
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Adam Johnston

Undergraduate Programs

Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Sustainable Design Engineering)

UPEI’s Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering (SDE) offers a progressive and innovative four-year Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering degree. Students are exposed to a broad base of knowledge and skills in engineering science, natural science, mathematics, and complementary studies. In conjunction with this, students work on real community and industry-based projects in every semester of their program through an applied project-based professional practice (PBPP) design stream. Further, students in the third and fourth years of the program can enhance their technical knowledge by choosing one of three engineering focus areas: mechatronics, sustainable energy, or bioresources. 

You can also review the four year course matrix and the five year course matrix for the BSc in Sustainable Design Engineering degree.

If you have any questions about the new degree program, please contact the Faculty at upeiengineer@upei.ca.

Visit our new Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering website

Nicholas Krouglicof
Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering
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