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The School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences offers majors and honours degrees in the general disciplines of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, as well as majors in several specialized areas.


Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure and space. While mathematics is important in understanding and influencing the physical world around us, mathematics can also be curiosity-driven and enjoyed without the requirement of a particular application. The Bachelor of Science with a major in Mathematics provides students with a solid foundation in both pure and applied mathematics, preparing them for graduate studies and professional programs. Students interested in graduate studies in mathematics should consider the Bachelor of Science with honours in Mathematics.

Computer Science 

Computer Science is a key enabler for innovation and discovery in most fields. It encompasses both theory and practice; theoretical ideas about how information is represented and processed, and practical techniques for creating new software. The School offers options such as co-operative education, a specialization in video game programming, and an Honours degree. Employment prospects are among the highest of any field. Honours graduates are well positioned to pursue graduate studies.


Statistics is the practice of collecting and analyzing numerical data, and inferring properties of the whole from a representative sample. The Bachelor of Science with a major in Statistics provides students with the solid foundation in both statistical theory and applied statistics necessary to become a statistician or proceed to more specialized statistical study at the graduate level. Students interested in continuing to work in statistics research should consider the Bachelor of Science with honours in Statistics.


Analytics is situated at the confluence of statistics, computer science and mathematics all centered on finding, interpreting and presenting meaningful patterns in data. We offer a Bachelor of Science in Analytics with specialization in either Data Analytics or Business Analytics, with co-operative education options available in both specializations. As data increasingly pervades our lives, graduates in Analytics are in high demand across a broad spectrum of fields including government, business and technology.

Actuarial Science 

Actuarial Science is the study of risk, usually risk associated with insurance, pension, and investment plans. Actuarial Science uses techniques from mathematics, statistics, business, economics, and finance (see What is an Actuary?). The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Actuarial Science prepares students to write the early exams required to become an Actuary (see Facts about Actuaries). Actuaries are in demand as professionals who develop solutions for complex financial issues. Actuaries have excellent career opportunities following graduation as well as excellent co-op work opportunities during their studies (see Salaries of Actuaries).

Financial Mathematics 

Financial Mathematics is the application of mathematical models to finance, usually to analyze markets and pricing. Financial Mathematics uses techniques from mathematics, statistics, business, finance, and economics. The Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics provides a solid foundation in Financial Mathematics, leading either to a career in the financial sector or to further training in advanced Financial Mathematics. Financial Mathematicians are in demand as professionals who develop solutions for complex financial issues and they have excellent career opportunities following graduation as well as excellent co-op work opportunities during their studies.

Computer Science specializing in Video Game Programming 

This specialization augments the Computer Science major with the skills needed to design and program video games on traditional, mobile and emerging platforms. Candidates for this program require strong programming, mathematical and problem solving skills. The focus is on game programming, rather than on artistic skills. A large and dynamic gaming industry offers graduates excellent employment prospects.  Emerging technologies such as augmented/virtual reality ensure continued growth.   

Mathematics with Engineering 

The specialization augments the Mathematics major with Engineering courses offered through UPEI’s School of Sustainable Design Engineering. The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Engineering provides a foundational Engineering program combined with more advanced mathematical training than is received in an Engineering Degree program.

Co-operative education

Students may gain real work experience in a related industry while completing their academic studies by entering our co-operative education program, which is available as an option for most of our major programs. In addition to their academic studies, co-op education students complete four work terms (14-16 weeks), with an option for a fifth work term. Two or three work terms occur over the summer months, so that the co-op degree option can be completed within five years. Work terms provide students with opportunities to learn new technologies, and gain valuable contacts with computing professionals. The co-op program is popular with students, since they get valuable professional work experience which helps them acquire good jobs upon graduation.

Some benefits associated with co-operative education are that it enables students to:

  • Gain professional experience and to acquire new technical skills
  • Improve their written and oral communication skills
  • Improve their academic performance as the workplace provides new learning opportunities
  • Find employment after graduation
  • Finance your education
  • Work in a variety of private- and public-sector organizations and to travel to new places

UPEI has a co-operative education office which assists students throughout the program. Program coordinators work with students and employers to facilitate the process of securing work terms, and contact employers seeking relevant jobs for students. The co-op program's office staff assists employers with the posting of jobs and the scheduling of student interviews. 

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