Donna J. Giberson

BSc, MSc, PhD
Professor Emeritus
BSc (University of Calgary)
MSc (University of Manitoba)
PhD (University of Manitoba)

Research Projects

Research projects have included studies of Canadian lady beetles and PEI bumblebees and dragonflies, as well as field studies in the Canadian Arctic and throughout the Maritimes. 

Research Students

Students in my lab worked on diverse projects relating to general and aquatic entomology. Undergraduate research projects generally involved field collections and identification of insects from both terrestrial and stream habitats, both to answer questions about biodiversity and on land use effects on streams. Graduate student projects included work in the Northwest Territories as well as here in the maritimes. 

I have taught courses in general biology, invertebrate zoology, entomology, limnology, field hydrology, environmental biology, population ecology, community ecology, ecology for non-majors, experimental design and analysis, and scientific writing.


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