David Barrett

Sessional Lecturer
Environmental Studies

David Barrett has a Master's Degree in Environmental Management from Imperial College, University of London. He played a key management role at the Island Waste Management Corporation during the successful island-wide delivery of the Waste Watch program from 1999-2002 and currently practices as an environmental services consultant taking on a broad range of work including energy planning and conservation, sustainability reviews and community engagement and public opinion research projects.

David's approach to teaching is based on respect for students, a passion for teaching, learning made relevant, empowerment and a demand for excellence. He strives to provide a secure environment where enthusiasm is developed and appreciated, where critical thinking and creativity are encouraged and rewarded, and where entrepreneurship is promoted as both a path to achievement and to building future student capacity for professional life, citizenship and governance.

David currently teaches Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and has guest lectured on topics including environmental economics, sustainable development and market-based instruments.

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