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Christian Lacroix

BSc, MSc, PhD
(902) 620-5231
Duffy Science Centre, 432
BSc (McGill)
MSc (McGill)
PhD (Guelph)

Dr. Christian Lacroix, researches plant structures from a developmental perspective. His research highlights relationships between morphologically different structures that share similar developmental pathways. His current research interests include leaf complexity in seed-bearing plants, developmental aspects of floral organ identity, and the biology of the Gulf of St. Lawrence Aster.

Dr. Lacroix has been a full-time faculty member in the Department of Biology at the University of Prince Edward Island since August 1, 1990. He was granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor in July 1995 and became full professor in 2003. His field of specialty is Developmental Plant Morphology and teaches Plant Science related courses.

Developmental Plant Morphology

The study of specific plant structures from a developmental perspective:

  • (1) has played an essential role in analyses dealing with evolutionary ideas
  • (2) can highlight relationships between structures with similar developmental pathways
  • (3) plays a complementary role in our understanding of the molecular aspects of plant development involving the activity of specific genes.

Leaf complexity in seed-bearing plants: Developmental comparisons between early stages of development of a shoot system and a leaf consisting of subunits called leaflets (compound leaf) support the idea that similar developmental processes are in operation (i.e. compound leaves exhibit partial shoot features). 

Developmental aspects of floral organ identity: Homeosis is a phenomenon defined broadly as the assumption of characteristics of one part of an organism by another part of that organism. In the context of floral development, this refers to the growth of specific types of floral organs on whorls or sectors where they would normally not develop. Homeotic floral forms have been used to gain a better understanding of: (1) the developmental events involved in the formation of flowers, and (2) the possible evolutionary processes that are responsible for the diversity of floral morphologies.

Biology of Gulf of St. Lawrence Aster: Symphiotrichum laurentianum is a plant designated as of special concern in Canada by the Committee on Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). Our main goal is to further determine the vulnerability of this rare species by studying specific aspects of its biology.

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