Office of Graduate Studies

Welcome to the Office of Graduate Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island. This is an exciting time for graduate studies at UPEI. Existing programs are growing, and various new programs are being proposed and implemented. Graduate students are making increasingly important contributions to UPEI in many areas, including research, teaching, mentorship, the campus community and community outreach. UPEI offers a diverse range of graduate programs, in various Faculties, Schools and the Atlantic Veterinary College.

The role of the Office of Graduate Studies is to serve as a central location and source of information for all graduate students and graduate faculty at UPEI, to refine and develop graduate studies policies, to support new program development, to promote graduate student research and scholarly work, and to provide guidance and support to graduate students in their programs. We will work closely with the Graduate Student Association (GSA) on graduate student issues, and to help promote a sense of community amongst graduate students from across the programs. As well, a Graduate Studies Advisory Committee has been established, to work on all aspects of graduate studies at UPEI. We will all work together to continue to expand the role and impact of graduate studies and graduate students at UPEI on the University and beyond.

Colleen Gallant
Administrative Assistant
Office of Graduate Studies
(902) 620-5120