UPEI Internal Research Funding Programs 2018-19

The Office of Research Services (ORS) will administer the following internal funding programs for 2018-19. Program highlights and important changes are noted below.  lick on the program name for complete guidelines. 

A lunch-and-learn information session regarding internal funding opportunities will be held on October 3rd from 12:00-1:00pm (location TBA).  Bring your lunch and light refreshments will be provided. In order to assist with planning, please RSVP to researchservices@upei.ca

Please note: Applicants must confirm their eligibility by consulting the program details before applying.  Faculty members from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine are eligible for the Research Travel Funding program, Internal Publications Award, Tri-Agency New Award Recognition, Sessional Instructor Funding, and Self-funded/Sabbatical Award.  For other funding opportunities within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, contact the Office of the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research.

Internal Research Grants program and SSHRC Explore Research Grants program

The UPEI Internal Research Grants program will continue to be offered for 2018-19 and will provide research grants of up to $5000 to support stand-alone projects through the funding of fully developed research proposals. Key changes:

  • The program will support three categories of investigators: 1) new faculty members (independent academic researchers for 6 years or less), 2) investigators seeking bridge funding to maintain program momentum between gaps in external funding, and 3) investigators looking to move into a new area of research.
  • The competition deadline has been moved to November 30, 2018, in order to provide award recipients with earlier notification and thus more time to begin student recruitment and other activities before the Spring/Summer sessions. 
  • The Internal Research Grants program for social sciences and humanities applicants has been rebranded as the "SSHRC Explore Research Grants" program, due to new requirements imposed by the SSHRC Institutional Grants program.  Guidelines for the SSHRC Explore Research Grants program will be identical to the Internal Research Grants program.

SSHRC Explore: Bridge Funding Grants program *NEW*

The SSHRC Explore: Bridge Funding Grant is intended to support researchers who have applied for SSHRC operating awards as the Principal Investigator and whose proposals were unsuccessful. Funding is to be used to support activities to help improve the SSHRC application in order to enhance the chance of success upon resubmission.  Eligible applications are those that have been submitted since April 1, 2018, to one of the following SSHRC programs: Insight Grant, Insight Development Grant, Partnership Grant, and Partnership Development Grant.

Research Travel Funding program

The Research Travel Funding program will continue to be offered to facultypostdoctoral fellows, and students. The amounts for faculty travel funding were raised in Spring 2018 to up to $750 for travel within Canada and up to $1500 for international travel.  Postdoctoral fellows are eligible for up to $500 for travel within Canada and up to $1000 for international travel. Students, both graduate and undergraduate, are eligible for up to $500.

Internal Publications Award

Up to two Internal Publications Awards are available per year to support the publication of manuscripts, written or edited by UPEI faculty, by Island Studies Press. The awards of $7,500 each will be disbursed to Island Studies Press to cover publication costs (including editing, photo and other permissions, design, printing, marketing, and other costs associated with publishing a book).  Authors will be offered ISP's standard publication contract, which ensures authorial copyright and includes a royalty structure. The next competition deadline will be October 29, 2018.  

Research Conference and Workshop Support

The ORS will provide funds to help support workshops and conferences hosted or co-hosted by UPEI, held either on campus or within the province of PEI. Funding amount are up to $250 for workshops, up to $500 for conferences up to 200 participants, and up to $750 for conferences over 200 participants. 

Self-funded/Sabbatical Award

The ORS continues to administer the Self-funded/Sabbatical Award program that allows university researchers to use their personal income to carry out bona-fide research projects. 

Sessional and Clinical Nursing Instructor Funding

This program provides awards of up to $1000 for Sessional Instructors and Clinical Nursing Instructors to conduct research projects during the term of their employment with UPEI  in order to enhance their research and development. 

Tri-Agency New Award Recognition

The ORS continues to offer this program to enable researchers to devote more time to conducting research.  Faculty members will be offered one course release per year, each year of an eligible tri-council award for which they are the Principal Investigator.

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