NSERC Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) Program - Fall 2018 Competition Information

NSERC Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) Program - Fall 2018 Competition
Program Information 
RTI Grants are one-year awards of up to $150,000 that assist in the purchase, fabrication or rental of research equipment with a net cost between $7,001 and $250,000 (before taxes, customs and importation fees, transportation and shipping charges, assembly and installation costs).
Applicants and co-applicants must each currently hold or be applying for one of the following NSERC research grants at the time of application: Discovery Grant, Discovery Development Grant, Strategic Partnerships Grants, Collaborative Research and Development Grants, Canada Research Chairs, Canada Excellence Research Chairs or Canada 150 Research Chairs.
University quotas have been removed and applicants can submit one RTI application per competition, either as an applicant or a co-applicant, but not both.
Applicants to the RTI program will now be assessed on the basis of the three following weighted selection criteria:
  • Need, urgency and suitability of equipment for the research programs;
  • Merit of the research programs supported by the equipment and excellence of the applicant(s);
  • Importance of the equipment for the training of highly qualified personnel.
October 11th – UPEI Internal Deadline for Research Services review and feedback (optional)
Applicants may submit a draft copy of their application for internal review (clarity, completeness, adherence to guidelines, etc.).
October 23rd – UPEI Internal Signature Deadline 
Applicants are required to submit a penultimate copy of their complete application with a UPEI Administrative Approvals form (http://www.upei.ca/research/forms) in order to obtain the signature of the Vice-President, Academic and Research.  Please ensure that the approvals form is circulated in advance of this deadline in order to obtain signatures of the Chair and Dean.
October 25th – NSERC Application Deadline 
The deadline for electronic submission of applications is 9:00pm (Atlantic Time).  However, in order to provide the Office of Research Services sufficient time to access and submit applications, applicants are requested to electronically submit before noon on October 25th.    
NSERC is hosting webinars to assist the research community on "How to complete an application" using the Research Portal and the NSERC Canadian Common CV (CCV). 
Research Tools and Instruments - Submission of an application (English Sessions)
Dates: Thursday, August 30, 2018 and Thursday, September 13, 2018
Time: 2 to 4 p.m. (AT)
More details are available on NSERC's Webinars page at http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/ResearchPortal-PortailDeRecherche/RP-CCV-Webinar_eng.asp
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