School of Sustainable Design Engineering Clinic Recruiting

Attention UPEI Researchers:
The School of Sustainable Design Engineering is now recruiting partners for the 2018-19 Senior Design Clinic program
Do you have a technical challenge requiring additional focus or concentration? Creative and resourceful engineering students are ready to help!  Our students can significantly benefit you by working with you on a Senior Design Clinic project.

In the Senior Design Clinic program, teams of 3rd and 4th year students act as engineering consultants for a client. Teams have a broad network of resources to assist in meeting project deliverables:

  • Faculty with industry experience
  • Professional Engineers 
  • Electronics Technologist
  • Red Seal Welder, Machinist and Industrial Electrician
  • Rapid prototyping capabilities (3D scanning and printing)
  • Metal and wood fabrication shops
  • Dedicated project assembly and testing spaces
Clinic project timeline: September 2018 - April 2019
Cost to partner: $10,000 + prototype material
Intellectual Property: Retained by partnering company
To partner on a project or get more information, please contact a member of our Industry Partnership Group:
Erin Hughes, P.Eng
Business Development Engineer
Susan Hughes, P.Eng
Business Development Engineer


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