Change in Year End procedures for Research Accounts

Please be advised that travel claims, petty cash or hospitality expense claim request forms for old year need to be entered in under old year date. Research, special accounts and conference accounts will be following the University's auditing requirements as well. Although research, special accounts and conference accounts account balances carry forward to the next fiscal year, expenses must be recorded within the fiscal year they were incurred as per the University's accounting policies. 

If you have a one of these requests in myUPEI that was put in since May 1st but has old year expenses we would appreciate you completing the following steps for quicker processing. Please void this Request a Payment and create a new Request a Payment and voucher number for the old year. To do this you will need to change the request date to April 30, 2017 and re-enter your information. You will not be required to re-submit your scanned paperwork to

Please send an email to to say that voucher # was cancelled and the new voucher #. That will help us to change the information on your previously submitted backup. We apologize for this inconvenience of re-submitting your request and thank you for your continued patience as we complete our first year end with a new financial system.  

Any questions please contact Carolyn Garro at or (902) 566-0315.

Carolyn Garro, BBA
Assistant Manager of Procurement and Payment Services
University of Prince Edward Island

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