SSHRC Insight Grants October 2015 competition

SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) has announced the following information and updates for the October 2015 Insight Grants (IG) competition:
  • The Notice of Intent (NOI) phase has been eliminated
  • Applicants will continue to use SSHRC’s existing online application system and SSHRC CVnot the Research Portal and Canadian Common CV as previously anticipated
  • The maximum value of a grant will be $400,000 (reduced from $500,000)
  • The annual maximum value of a grant will be $100,000 (reduced from $200,000)
Please contact Leslie Cudmore ( if you wish to be added to an internal list in order to receive direct communications and updates regarding the upcoming IG competition.  
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Leslie Cudmore
Research Services
(902) 566-0709
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