CIHR Project Grant: Spring 2018 Application: Webinars and UPEI Timelines

Webinars on the Project Grant: Spring 2018 Application

CIHR is holding a series of webinars on the Project Grant: Spring 2018 application. These Question and Answer webinars are designed to complement the Project Grant: Spring 2018 Applicant Learning Module, which will be available on January 19th on the Learning for Applicants web page. Together, the module and webinars will give applicants an insightful understanding of the recent changes to the Project Grant competition and the application submission process.

The Project Grant: Spring 2018 webinars will be held between January 26th and February 28th. Register for a webinar now.

For more information, please contact the CIHR Contact Centre at:

UPEI Timelines for Spring 2018 applications

CIHR Registration deadline: February 6, 2018
CIHR Application deadline: March 6, 2018 
UPEI signature deadline:  Submit penultimate copy of proposal and UPEI Administrative Approvals form ( to Research Services, 200 Kelley Building, by March 2, 2018
Applicants are not required to submit their registration to Research Services for review and signature, however, applicants are requested to send a copy of their registration to for the purposes of verifying CIHR's listing of registered applicants.
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