Health and Safety Program

The Health and Safety Program is intended to be a useful guide for Area Leaders. An Area Leader is defined as a person who has direct supervision of a work unit or area. This term is used throughout this document for simplicity; in many cases the “Area Leader” does not hold a consistent managerial/supervisory title, although usually, they are the Supervisor for a particular area. For example, an Area Leader may be a Dean, as in Arts; a Chair, as in Chemistry; a Foreman, as in Physical Plant; or a Director, as in the Sports Centre.

This document should direct Area Leaders to develop only the components applicable to their area, staff, students, and visitors.

Due to the variety of operational procedures that occur on campus, each work unit may have a different way to organize its records. For a program to work efficiently, it must ensure that it is user-friendly and applicable to the specific operations of the area. For that reason, the Area Leader is left to organize the materials they deem most effective for their operations.

The premise of the internal responsibility system is used for the UPEI Health and Safety Program. Everyone is responsible for health and safety of themselves and others to the level they have the ability and authority to do so. Management must rely on staff to identify specific hazards and promote the use of equipment, training, and procedures to protect themselves.

Each Area Leader must keep a copy of this program in the front part of the UPEI Health and Safety Program binder. It is to be used as a reference to assist you in implementing safety management in your area. All the records, plans, procedures, and standards required by the program will be kept in divided sections in the UPEI Health and Safety Program binder. The Health and Safety Advisor will be available to assist Area Leaders in setting up the program. The Health and Safety Advisor can be reached by e-mail or by phone at (902) 566-0516.

Note that the UPEI Health and Safety Program is constantly being further developed and improved. Should you have suggestions on the program’s improvement, please contact the Health and Safety Advisor.

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