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UPEI has a tiered Committee structure for health and safety management. The UPEI Health and Safety Steering Committee reports to the President through the Vice President, Finance & Facilities. Its general mission statement is to guide the development of an effective health and safety program. Since this is such a diverse workplace, it is imperative to ensure there is representation on a committee for all the organizational members. Hence, four local Health and Safety committees have been developed:

  • AVC Health and Safety Committee
  • Science Health and Safety Committee
  • Facilities Management Health and Safety Committee
  • Main Campus Health and Safety Committee

The main mission of the local Health and Safety Committees is to deal with the day-to-day health and safety issues that arise in their areas of responsibility.

Each local committee shall establish its own terms of reference. This outlines the membership, meeting frequency, quorum, etc. Staff should know who their health and safety committee representatives are.

The composition of the Safety Committee should, where possible, allow for the provision of equal representation of faculty and staff. When selecting committee members, or soliciting volunteers, the following should be considered:

  1. Health and Safety committees should be comprised of members who have a direct and personal knowledge of, and a prime interest in, the work activity.
  2. Committee members should be capable of taking direct, positive, and immediate action on all those items that are within their own competencies.
  3. For items that are beyond their competencies, committee members should be authorized to seek advice from appropriate experts, as discussed and approved by the Committee.

Each new health and safety committee member should be forwarded a Health and Safety Committee Member Checklist by their safety committee chair.  The completed form should be returned to the safety committee chair.

Members will be free to discharge their committee duties without fear of reprisal.

Clear and concise minutes must be kept of every meeting; the subjects discussed should be outlined and the decisions, recommendations, or actions should be indicated. Copies must therefore be distributed to all applicable Area Leaders to ensure faculty and staff can be kept informed.

The UPEI Health and Safety Committees "For Action" Form can be used by a safety committee to document a request for follow-up on a health and safety related issue.

Health and Safety Program Roles

The committees’ participation in the development and implementation is essential for an effective program. Committee members can contribute to the hazard identification system, development of work procedures, discipline process, training, orientation, inspection, and incident investigation. Committee members are valuable in maintaining and monitoring the effectiveness of the program and contributing to modifications.

Other committees that deal with specific hazards or programs include the Laboratory Safety Committee, Radiation Safety Committee, and the Biosafety Committee. These committees shall report to the President through the UPEI Health and Safety Steering Committee, but do not necessarily require a member on it.

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