Dual PEI High School / University Credit

Credit Recognition for Prince Edward Island High School Curriculum

Students who have successfully completed BUS701A; ACC621A OR ECO621A and one additional business related course (as listed below) at the high school level (from the PEI provincial curriculum) will be eligible to receive credit for BUS1010, an elective course within the Bachelor of Business Administration Program at the University of Prince Edward Island.

Students will receive credit for BUS1010 if the following requirements are satisfied:

(a) the student graduated high school in 2016-2017 or a subsequent school year;

(b) the student has successfully completed three of the following courses:

  • BUS701A (required course),
  • ACC621A or ECO621A (one course is required),
  • ACC621A or ECO621A or ENT521A or HOS801A (one course is required with no duplication of courses);

(c) the student has achieved a grade of 70% or higher in each of the business high school courses completed to meet the requirement for transfer credit recognition;

(d) the student is enrolled at the University of Prince Edward Island.

To have an award of credit considered, students must apply for a review after beginning classes at UPEI (normally after the second week of classes in the fall semester). This application can be in the form of a written request at the Registrar’s Office.

NOTE: All other Academic Regulations that impact an award of transfer credit must be considered prior to an award of transfer credit through this process.

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