Bachelor of Education (Human Resource Development)

The Bachelor of Education in Human Resource Development focuses on: further developing the knowledge base related to adult learning; developing Prior Learning Recognition and Assessment portfolios; and, completing academic credits from UPEI.

The BEd (HRD) is designed for mature individuals who have a combination of at least five years education and related vocational/occupational work experience. The applicants have successfully completed the Certificate in Adult Education and have met the requirements of the Faculty of Education. This degree does not certify applicants to teach in the public school system unless they are qualified to teach in an occupational or trades area.

The BEd (HRD) is jointly offered by Holland College and UPEI and each institution will offer half of the courses. The BEd (HRD) consists of four stages:

  1. Completion of the Certificate in Adult Education
  2. Three elective adult education courses from Holland College plus one required course: Ed 3190 Preparing for PLAR (Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition); and four elective adult education courses offered by UPEI
  3. Prior Learning Recognition and Assessment Portfolio and/or specific occupational courses offered by Holland College (up to an equivalent of either 10 courses or 30 semester hours).
  4. Ten academic courses (30 semester hours) from UPEI including  one of UPEI 1010, 1020, or 1030 and a writing intensive course course.


Students may apply for admission to the CAE through Holland College at Tuition fees are to be paid directly to the institution that is offering the course.  To continue with the BEd (HRD), students must have successfully completed all of the courses in the CAE and have submitted a written statement of intent and two references to the Faculty of Education. As this is a part-time program and there is continuous intake, students may begin study in September, January, May or July.

Transcript and Credit Assessment

Originally, the Certificate in Adult Education and BEd (Adult Education) were jointly offered by UNB and Holland College. As of September 2006, the CAE and BEd (HRD) programs are now being offered between Holland College and UPEI. Therefore, applicants who are transferring to Holland College and UPEI;

  • will have all UNB credits which were completed in the CAE/BEd (Adult Education) programs accepted by UPEI
  • will have until 2012 to transfer their credits to UPEI

In addition:

  • applicants may have taken academic courses from other universities. Courses will be considered for transfer credit based on both the marks achieved (not less than 60%) and the age of completed course. Courses over 10 years old may be deemed inappropriate and may require substitution. Exceptions will be made only with the permission of the Dean.
  • students who believe that they can meet, or have met, the requirements of a course, may seek UPEI credit by means of challenge for credit, Prior Assessment and Learning Recognition (PLAR), or recognition of Special Credits earned elsewhere (see Academic Regulations 15 & 16)
  • candidates beginning the CAE or BEd (HRD) in 2006 or later must complete one-half of the required course work at UPEI (see Academic Regulation 1(e)).
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