Advanced Placement Program

Acceptable Advanced Placement Program courses with scores achieved on the national level exam of 3(C) or higher may be presented for admission purposes. Acceptable Advanced Placement courses with scores achieved on the national level exam of 4(B) or 5(A), may be assessed for credit transfer. The applicability of transfer credit is subject to individual degree regulations. Students wishing to obtain transfer credit must have an official transcript of their national AP exam results forwarded directly to UPEI from a College Board. Students will receive a notice of assessment once an assessment has been completed. A maximum of 30 semester hours of credit may be awarded for eligible AP results.

Approved AP subjects and transfer credit equivalency:

AP Course: Equivalent UPEI Credit
Biology BIO: 131 and BIO 132
Calculus AB: MATH 191
Calculus BC: MATH 191 and MATH 192
Chemistry: CHEM 111 and 112 (subject to confirmation by the Chemistry program)
Computer Science A: Unassigned 1st Year Computer Science elective
Computer Science AB: CS 151 and CS 152
English Literature and Composition: ENG 101 and ENG 192
Environmental Science: 2 Unassigned 1st Year electives
European History: 2 Unassigned 1st Year electives
French (Language): Assigned credit by placement
French (Literature): 2 Unassigned 1st Year French electives
Geography (Human): 2 Unassigned 1st Year electives
German: GERM 101 and GERM 102
Greek: GR 101 and GR 102
History (US): 2 Unassigned 1st Year History electives
History (World): 2 Unassigned 1st Year History electives
Latin LAT: 101 and LAT 102
Microeconomics: EC 101
Macroeconomics: EC 102
Physics B: Students may challenge for 2 unassigned 1st Year Physics electives
Physics C: (Mechanics & Electricity) Students may challenge for credit PHYS 111 and PHYS 112
Psychology: PSY 101 and PSY 102
Spanish: SPAN 101 and SPAN 102
Statistics: STATISTICS 221 and Unassigned 1st Year Math elective

* Credit for AP examined subjects can only be assessed if presented on an official transcript of AP national exam results.

* Please note that this table is provided as a guide, and transfer credits are assessed on an individual basis and may vary depending on each students program of study.

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