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Undergraduate Admissions

UPEI's requirements for undergraduate admissions apply to all programs under the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science degrees.

Admission from High School (HS graduates, except Quebec)
Advanced Placement Program
Concurrent Enrolment with PEI Grade 12
Dual PEI High School/University Credit
University Transfer Students
Transfer Agreements with Holland College
Gateway Program
International Baccalaureate

There are specific admission requirements for other undergraduate programs, including the Bachelor of Business Studies, Bachelor of Child and Family Studies, Bachelor of Education in Human Resource Development, Bachelor of Integrated Studies, and Bachelor of Science with a Major in Kinesiology.

Returning Students

Students who have previously attended UPEI, but have not been actively registered in the past 12 months (3 semesters) are required to apply to return to their studies (whether returning to their previous program of study or seeking admission to a new program of study). The application process requires completion of the application form, submission of the application fee and may require submission of other required documents (i.e., transcripts may be required, particularly if any new post-secondary work was completed since last attending UPEI).

Admission During Grade 11 Year

Grade 11 students are eligible to apply to UPEI for admission to Bachelors’ degrees in Arts, Business or Science to begin their University studies in the Fall after their Grade 12 year of High School.  This early offer of admission is based on academic course results from Grade 11.  Applicants who have a 75% average in the academic pathway subjects from their Grade 11 year are eligible to receive an offer of admission in advance of their Grade 12 year.  Students are encouraged to apply after the first semester of their Grade 11 year.

Students are required to submit an updated transcript before March 1st (after the first semester) of their Grade 12 year for Scholarship review and to confirm that registration prerequisites will be satisfied.

Admission from Grade 11

This is for the exceptional student with at least 85% in Grades 10 and 11 who is highly recommended by the school (at least two letters), and who has written parental permission. Students with special aptitudes who may not have 85% will also be considered. 

Admission as an Unclassified Student

Individuals are permitted to register in undergraduate courses at UPEI, without having to apply to, or be admitted to a specific program of study.  This admission (permission to register) status is processed through the Unclassified application form, which is used to process a student’s request to register.

A student who wishes to register as an Unclassified Student must submit a completed Unclassified Student Registration Form, accompanied by the required fee ($250 tuition deposit), by the registration deadlines specified in the Calendar. This type of enrolment is described below:

a. The student is permitted to register but is not admitted to a specific program of study at the University. Previously admitted students may register as Unclassified Students, but such registration does not constitute readmission to the University.

b.  Students who have been required to withdraw from this or any other post-secondary institution within the last 12 months are not permitted to register as an Unclassified Student.

c. Transcripts of previous post-secondary work, and proof of English Language Proficiency, must be presented to the Registrar’s Office if requested.

d. Prerequisites must be met where applicable. Checking for prerequisites is the student’s responsibility.

e. The student is subject to an initial maximum registration limit of 10 three-credit courses as an Unclassified Student.  To register in additional courses as Unclassified, a student must seek permission from the Registrar’s Office and may be required to meet with an Academic Advisor prior to registration being processed.

f. Summer Session Unclassified Students may enrol in a maximum of two courses (six semester-hours) per session. Fall/Winter Unclassified Students will need special permission from the Registrar’s Office, to enrol in more than two courses per semester (maximum of five).

g. An Unclassified Student may apply for admission to the Fall or Spring Semester before the published deadlines through one of the approved admission routes. If an Unclassified Student applies to a program/faculty for a specific semester (Fall/Spring), the student cannot be registered for that same semester as an Unclassified Student.

h. Upon admission to a specific program, courses completed as an Unclassified Student may be counted toward the student’s program, subject to Academic Regulations and the appropriate rules of the faculty/school.

Applicants from Quebec CEGEPs

The Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC/DCS) with the “DEC en sciences, lettres et arts” will qualify a student for admission to UPEI. Holders of the DEC will be considered as transfer students to second year with a maximum of 10 transfer credits provided that they attained an average grade of 70% or better in their final year of CEGEP study. Students with less than the DEC, and a 70% average, will be considered for admission to first year with the possibility of some transfer credits from second year CEGEP courses. Students who have completed a technical or professional DEC will be considered on an individual basis.

Seniors' Bursaries

To recognize the contribution of seniors to the classroom, Seniors’ Bursaries are available to residents of Prince Edward Island aged 60 and over by the beginning of the semester. One Seniors’ Bursary per year is available to all PEI seniors for the tuition costs of one undergraduate course. Additional Seniors’ bursaries will be available based on financial need.

College Transfer Students

Beginning in the 1997-98 academic year, students may receive credit for courses successfully completed at a member institution of the Colleges and Institutes Canada and for which credit is given at that institution, under the following conditions:

  • Courses must be acceptable in the program to which transfer is being sought either as required courses or as electives.
  • Grades must be at least 60% or, where the grading system is different than that of UPEI, at least at an equivalent level above the minimum passing grade.
  • Transfer will be allowed by the Registrar only on the recommendation of the appropriate Dean.

Home Schooled Students

The basic entrance requirements for home schooled students are the same as for all other students. Home schooled students can meet the requirements by:

  • attending a local high school for Grade 12 or the final year of schooling;
  • taking the Grade 12 academic entrance subjects through a correspondence program acceptable to the University; or
  • presenting Advanced Placement test scores on an official transcript for the entrance subjects.

Mature applicants must be:

* Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada

* out of school for at least three years

* 21 years of age on or before the first day of classes.

Students must submit transcripts of any high school and/or post-secondary work completed for the purposes of prerequisite checking and a resume outlining a) academic goals and b) academic and employment activities for the past three years. 

NOTE: Some programs require specific high school prerequisites for admission.

Applicants with Ordinary or Advanced Level Examinations

Admission to first year may be on the basis of five appropriate General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) subjects at the Ordinary Level, including English Language and Mathematics. Advanced Level examination results received directly from the appropriate Examination Board which are appropriate to the intended program of studies will be assessed for advanced standing and credit. A maximum of three Advanced Level examination results may be presented for a maximum of six transfer courses. Credit normally will be granted only for grades of “C” or higher.

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