Regulation 16 - Special Credits

  1. Academic credentials obtained in settings other than credit programs in recognized universities and Colleges and Institures Canada (CICan) member colleges may be recognized in certain cases. Credentials are evaluated after admission to the University, and upon payment of the appropriate non-refundable fee (see calendar section on "Tuition and Fees").
  2. Applicants are required to provide, during the first academic year of registration at the University, documentation which, in the applicants' opinion, demonstrates the successful completion of academic work commensurate with the credit(s) being sought. The academic units evaluating the documentation may require detailed program and course descriptions and other information necessary to evaluate the learning acquired. At their discretion, the academic units may interview the applicant or seek supplementary information by way of an oral or written examination.
  3. Credit, if granted, is on the recommendation of the academic unit offering the equivalent UPEI course(s), with the endorsement of the Dean of the Faculty or School in which each course is offered.
  4. Recognition of special credits by other institutions does not in itself indicate that UPEI will recognize such credits.
  5. A Special Credit will be noted on the student's transcript with a grade of "P".
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