Regulation 13 - Examination Regulations

  1. Restrictions on Testing: No quizzes, tests or examinations of any kind are to be held during the two-week period preceding the final day of classes, nor during any reading period, without the permission of the Chair and the appropriate Dean. In-class presentations and practical laboratory examinations scheduled on the course outline are exempted. 
  2. Special Examinations: Under exceptional circumstances [severe illness, jury duty, personal or family tragedy], students may request a “special examination” outside of the final examination period. Requests for special examinations are made to the instructor, in advance of the examination.
  3. Missed Examinations: Students must make application to the Registrar, to write a missed exam, within 48 hours after the scheduled examination. Documentation to support the unforeseen or extenuating circumstances must be submitted with the Missed Examination application form. The Registrar will consult with the instructor, department Chair (where applicable) and the Dean upon receipt of any such application to determine if the request will be approved. The decision will be communicated to the student by the Registrar. The revised date and time set for the rescheduled examination will be determined by the instructor and communicated to both the Registrar and the student.

  4. Quizzes, tests and examinations taking place outside of regularly scheduled classes during the teaching semester must be identified, approved by the Dean, and listed on the course outline. The course outline will inform students that they must identify any conflicts with other regularly scheduled classes, laboratory periods, or tutorials in a timely fashion so that accommodations can be made by the course instructor.
  5. Students will be required to present their valid UPEI ID card and sign a control sheet at each examination session.
  6. The University is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings during an exam, and students are encouraged to leave valuables at home.  Books, notes, papers, or other materials containing information pertaining to the examination, pencil cases and calculator covers should be left with other personal belongings, away from the exam writing area unless provision has been made by the examiner. Specifically, without such permission, no laptops, electronic computing, data storage or communications devices may be in the possession of a student in the examination room. Calculators may be used at the discretion of the instructor. Any jackets, hats, bags, knapsacks, etc, are to be left at the front or back of the examination room and may be picked up at the end of the examination.  

  7. At the discretion of the course instructor, students who speak English as a second language may be allowed to use one bilingual dictionary (paper) to assist them in writing quizzes, tests and examinations. The use of electronic translators is not permitted under any circumstances.
  8. The only time students may leave the examination room with the intention of returning is to use the washroom. Students must sign out, and back in.
  9. No students are permitted to enter the examination room to write an examination after the first 30 minutes and no students are permitted to leave an examination room within the first 30 minutes. Students still in the examination room during the last 10 minutes of the examination, must remain seated until all examination materials have been collected and accounted for.
  10. Food is not permitted in the examination room.
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