Regulation 1 - Requirements for a Degree

  1. In programs where a GPA is calculated, a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 1.7 is required to graduate.
  2. In order to graduate with a major a student must receive a CGPA of at least 1.7 in the major subject.
  3. For the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees -- 120 semester hours of credit with a major subject in which at least 42 semester hours of credit are taken. Some programs may require more than 120 semester hours of credit.
  4. Minimum Number of 2000-4000 Level Courses - A minimum of 72 credits must be taken at the 2000-4000 level in any degree or diploma program. Exceptions may apply.
  5. Students in the Faculty of Arts may declare to the Registrar's Office their major area of study at any time up to the end of their second year (after completing 48-60 semester-hours of course work).  Students in the Faculty of Science, students are required to declare a major by the beginning of their second year (after completing 21 to 45 semester hours of course work).  Students can change their major at any time but are encouraged to speak to an academic advisor in the appropriate department before doing so.
  6. A candidate for a degree must complete at least one-half of the required course work at UPEI; normally, these will be the final 60 semester-hours of the degree. Exceptions may be made only with the permission of the Dean of the respective Faculty or School.
  7. In the last 60 semester-hours of work toward a UPEI degree, students will receive credit for no more than 12 semester-hours of study completed at another university; exceptions may be made only with the permission of the Dean of the respective Faculty or School.
  8. All students working toward an undergraduate degree or diploma will be required to take one of the following three courses, recommended to be taken within the first three semesters of registration, to fulfill graduation requirements:
    1. UPEI 1010 - Writing Studies: Engaging Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication;
    2. UPEI 1020 - Inquiry Studies: Engaging Ideas and Cultural Contexts; or
    3. UPEI 1030 - University Studies: Engaging University Contexts and Experience; 
    4. AND One Writing Intensive Course
  9. Special regulations apply to Honours degrees (not available in all program areas).  See the relevant academic department section of the online calendar for details.
  10. Second Undergraduate Degree Regulations - Students who have earned a first Bachelor-level degree may pursue a second Bachelor-level degree as long as no more than 18 semester-hours of study in the subject area of interest have been completed in the first degree, and as long as at least 60 semester hours of credit will be completed toward the second degree at UPEI.  Exceptions will be made only with the permission of the respective Dean.
  11. Double-counting is the practice of having one course satisfy the requirements of two different and concurrent designations within one degree.  The following limitations apply:  In the case of a major and a minor, a maximum of six semester hours of credit can be double-counted.  In the case of a double major, a maximum of nine semester hours of credit can be double-counted.  Note:  Although a course may be used to meet more than one requirement within a degree, credit is only counted once.
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