This four-year degree program requires students to obtain approximately half their academic credits at each of the two institutions. Admission is by competition, following the process set out below, after the completion of a required set of courses in at least one year of university studies. A limited number of students are admitted each year.

Admission requirements

Minimum Course Requirements:

Ten three-semester hour courses or equivalent are required. For students who have completed a total of 20 three-semester-hour courses or less, these must include (required UPEI course numbers in brackets). Note: links below go to program pages; consult the "Calendar Courses" section at the bottom of each page.

  • Two courses in introductory Biology (Bio. 1310/1320)
  • Two courses in introductory Physics (Phy. 1110/1120 or 1210/1220)
  • Two courses in introductory Chemistry (Chem. 1110/1120)
  • One course in Mathematics (Math 1120) alternatively, (Math 1910/1920)
  • One Composition course (UPEI 1010 or UPEI 1020 if taken at UPEI)
  • 1 or 2 free electives (depending on Math requirement)

Students who have completed more than 20 three-semester hour courses may, with the permission of the Dean, be allowed to enter the program without having completed the full suite of required courses listed above as long as the prerequisite courses in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Calculus have been completed. Nevertheless, courses not done prior to admission must be completed as a program requirement before graduation. All required courses must have a passing grade identified by letter or numerical grade. Biology, Physics, and Chemistry courses will normally have a laboratory component. Details of course content may be required for any course proposed for admission purposes.

Students are expected to complete a degree at UPEI within a 10 year period (See Academic Regulation #2)

Applicants who have completed any of the pre-requisite first year courses seven years prior to the anticipated start of their Radiography program should contact the coordinator of the Radiography program or the Dean of Science.

Application process

Follow UPEI's undergraduate application process for professional programs, and submit other requirements by December 1, including:

  • UPEI Application Fee
  • Official Transcripts from each post-secondary institution where you have taken a course, even if transfer credit(s) were given by another institution.
  • A Vulnerable Sector check.
  • A current resume if you are over the age of 21 and/or not presently enrolled in courses.
  • English Language Proficiency Test (if required)

Further deadlines

  • February 1 – final Official Transcripts listing fall semester grades
  • June 1 – final Official Transcripts listing winter semester grades if you were invited to interview, conditionally accepted, and enrolled in winter semester courses
  • June 1 – successful applicants are required to make a $500 non-refundable deposit by this date to hold their seat in the program. The deposit will go toward first semester tuition costs.

Assessment of applications

Students must achieve an average of 70% in the minimum course requirements to be considered for an interview. A higher-level course may be used as a substitution for a minimum course requirement providing it is in a related field of study.

The highest academic ranked applicants are interviewed for the available seats. Offers of admission are based on results of the interview as well as academic achievement. A minimum score of 50% must be achieved in the interview to be eligible for admission. Normally, at least twice as many eligible applicants will be interviewed as there are number of seats available. Successful applicants will be notified within two weeks of their interview.

Interviews will be held in late April.


If a previously denied applicant wishes to reapply, he/she follows the same process as that described above.

Contact UPEI