Pre-professional Studies (Preparatory)

The University of Prince Edward Island offers preparatory course work to enable students to apply to a wide variety of professional programs at this and other institutions including Agriculture, Architecture, Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Veterinary Medicine. Students are advised to consult the admissions requirements for the universities and programs of their choice, and to select their UPEI courses accordingly - with due regard to the content and course sequencing of their UPEI program in the event that a UPEI degree is to be completed before admission elsewhere. The following website and mail addresses may be helpful to students seeking further information:

McGill University (Macdonald College)
Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University
University of New Brunswick

Dalhousie University
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Occupational Therapy
P.E.I. Provincial Fieldwork Coordinator
Occupational Therapy Manager
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
P.O. Box 6600, Charlottetown, PE C1A 8T5
Phone: (902) 894-2062

Dalhousie University

P.E.I. Clinical Coordinator
Physiotherapy Department
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
P.O. Box 6600, Charlottetown, PE C1A 8T5
Phone: (902) 894-2062

Dalhousie University

Veterinary Medicine
University of Prince Edward Island (Atlantic Veterinary College)

Pre-veterinary Medicine Stream - UPEI
Program Information

Convocation Day

Absent for Convocation

If you are not attending the Convocation Ceremony you have two options which will allow you to receive your degree/diploma. Please remember that if you are financially indebted to the University, no testimonial, diploma, certificate or statement of examination record will be issued.

  • Option 1If you live in PEI, you may pick up your degree/diploma at the Registrar’s Office, front counter, the week following the ceremony. If someone else is picking up your degree, please have a note signed by you authorizing us to release your degree. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
  • Option 2: If you live off-island, you may request to have your degree/diploma mailed to you after Convocation Day. Please note that we do our best to ensure the degree arrives to you and in good shape but we cannot guarantee this.


If a graduate or someone in their party require special seating or other arrangements due to a disability please contact the Coordinator of the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre:

Janice Robertson
(902) 566-0305

Please note that there will be a "designated" drop off area to allow easier access into the Sports Centre. Please ask the security on campus for directions.

Morning Convocation Ceremony

Following is a list of the degrees, diplomas, and certificates that will be awarded in the morning Convocation ceremony. 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Cooperative Education
  • Bachelor of Business in Tourism & Hospitality
  • Bachelor of Business Studies
  • Business Certificate
  • Accounting Certificate
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Education - Enseignement En Français Langue Seconde
  • Bachelor of Education in Human Resource Development
  • Certificate in Inclusive Education
  • Certificate in School Librarianship
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Master of Science - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Master of Veterinary Science
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy

Afternoon Convocation Ceremony

Following is a list of the degrees, diplomas, and certificates that will be awarded at the Afternoon Convocation ceremony:

  • Public Administration Certificates
  • Public Administration Diplomas
  • Engineering Diplomas
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts in Print Journalism
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts - Honours
  • Bachelor of Child and Family Studies
  • Bachelor of Integrated Studies
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Music Education
  • Post-Diploma Degree in Radiography
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Radiography
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Science - Honours
  • Bachelor of Science - Cooperative Education
  • Bachelor of Wildlife Conservation
  • Master of Science - Faculty of Science
  • Master of Arts

Assembly on Convocation Day

On Saturday, May 11 at 9:00 a.m. (for Morning Convocation) and 1:30 p.m. (for Afternoon Convocation), graduates will assemble in Duffy Science Centre (DSC) and will be provided with an index card on which they will write their name. This identification card is carried by the graduate to the Sports Centre.

Assembly instructions will be provided at the front door of Duffy Science Centre and on all floor levels. Graduates will be arranged in pairs alphabetically with ushers help, according to the Convocation program. At 9:40 a.m. and 2:10 p.m. the Academic Procession will begin to move from Duffy Science Centre to the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre. Please note: If the weather is inclement we will be lining up in Main Building and it will be advertised on the radio in the morning.

Students receiving Honours and Conversion Certificates should assemble as a group within their faculty in the following order, e.g., BA, (Honors and Conversion Certificates as one group).

Flowers for Sale

May is Multiple Sclerosis month, please buy a bouquet for your special graduate and support MS. Bouquets may be purchased at the Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall on Convocation Day. Money received goes to research and patient services.
Thank you for your support.

Identification Card

You must prepare a legible card to give to the announcer on Convocation day and will be made available to you as you line up in the Duffy Science Building. This card is required so that the announcer can introduce you as you go up on stage. If you are concerned about the announcer getting the right pronunciation, please mark on this card how it sounds; for example: Javier (pronounced with a "H") Henry Doe.


Graduation ceremonies are held indoors at the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre at 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. There will be approximately 400 graduates in each ceremony and their 6 guests attending this celebration.      

There are a number of parking spots designated by the International Wheelchair Symbol, situated in front of the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre and the W.A. Murphy Student Centre.  

For guests, there is plenty of other parking close to the Sports Centre (within a 5-minute walk) - please refer to the campus map for the location of general parking areas on campus.  Please arrive early so that you can get the best parking spot close to the Sports Center and still ensure that you will be seated before graduates arrive in their procession (9:45 a.m. and 2:15 p.m.).  Once parking lots close to the event fill up, there still is plenty of other parking on campus, within a 10-minute walk.          

For graduates, there is plenty of parking close to Duffy Science Center, where you assemble before Convocation, e.g. at the Irving Chemistry Centre (ICC) lots. This is also close to Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall (and AVC) where you disperse after you graduate.


School of Nursing, 2012

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

*Whitney Adams | Kensington
*Alison Margaret Aiken | Stanchel
*Stephen M. Bell | Charlottetown
*Lisa Darlene Blacquiere | Springhill
*Carolyn Susanne Bower | Truro, NS
*Becky Bowman | North Wiltshire
Melanie Margaret Butler | Cape Wolfe
*Kara L. Callaghan | Stratford
*Ellen Elizabeth Christie | Dromore
*Katie Cooke | Cape Wolfe
*Trevor Cudmore | Charlottetown
*Vivian Lynn Drake | Vernon Bridge
*Aleksandra Evans | Cornwall
*Katlyn Alyssa Fraser | Summerside
*Josie Gallant | Souris
Jessica Ella Marie Gould | Scotchfort
*Carrie Ellen Gregory | Charlottetown
Audrey Anne Griffin | Charlottetown
*Jessica Marie Hammill | Nine Mile Creek
*Michelle Angela Holmes | Tyron
Rebecca Suzanne Jenkins | Kensington
*Andrea Elizabeth Laird | Charlottetown
*Christina Louise Lang | Charlottetown
*April Dawn Lavigueur | Charlottetown
Ellen Anne McCarron | Montague
Sara Jane McCarvill | Kensington
*Danielle Juliette McConnell | Stratford
*Melissa Kathryn MacDonald | Morell
*Sarah Jean MacFadyen | Meadowbank
*Melissa Roberta MacKay | Stratford
*Lori Beth MacKendrick | Birch Hill
Krista Dawn MacKinnon | Souris
*Jennifer Grace McLaren | Antigonish, NS
*Stephanie Joan MacLean | Charlottetown
*Rebecca Kathleen McLeod | Lower Newtown
*Emily Kate MacMillan | Charlottetown
*Ruth Marilyn MacPhail | Argyle Shore
*Bethany McQuaid | Charlottetown
*Robert Witley McSweeney | Dundas
*Brandi Sarah Martin | Kensington
*Jessica Guelda Martin | Tignish
*Kristen Renee Matheson | St. Peter’s Bay
*Merissa Grace Mitchell | Charlottetown
*Bret Nasby | Grimsby, ON
*Bethany Nicholson | Springton
*Amanda Marie Dawn Perry | Summerside
*Lee Anne Pitblado Rayworth | Kentville, NS
*Jennifer Pitre | Alma
*Mandy Patricia Shaw | Manassas, VI, USA
*Gloria Iris Smith | Charlottetown
*Sammy Jo Sweet | O’Leary
*Kally Ellaheh Talebi | Charlottetown
*Danaiet N. Teame | Charlottetown
*Melissa Cheryl Thomson | Charlottetown
*Angela Tranquilla | McLeod Hill, NB
*Cynthia Margaret Trewin | Charlottetown
*Laura Jane Vail | North Wiltshire
*S. Melissa Vos | Charlottetown
*Stephanie Ann Walsh | Charlottetown
*Hannah Margaret Waxer | Jasper, AB
Winter Weatherbie | Charlottetown
*Devin Elizabeth Wells | Summerside
*Lindsay Rachael Williams | Summerside

Master of Applied Health Services Research

Julie Ashley Puiras | Charlottetown

Cathy Toombs
Academic Records Supervisor - Convocation Coordinator
Registrar's Office
(902) 566-0439

School of Business Administration, 2012

Bachelor of Business Administration

*Ashley Laura Adams | Charlottetown
Rafael Octavio Aguirre Jimãnez | Guayaquil, Guayas, ECUADOR
Thamer Al-Salem | Saihat, SAUDI ARABIA
Mohammad Ibrahim Altheiban | Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
*Rebecca Arnold | Hunter River
David Beamish | Cornwall
*Elissa Dawn Blacquiere | Barrie, ON
Robert Gee Elliott Brazil-Shea | Lake Verde
James Kyle Brown | Monastery, NS
*Jennifer A. Buchanan | Carleton
Jakub Bundil | Trencin, SLOVAKIA
Patrick Donald Callbeck | Charlottetown
*Stephen Patrick Cassidy | Charlottetown
John Wallace Chandler | Charlottetown
Ruoyu Chen | Shanghai, CHINA
Yadan Chen | Chengdu, Sichuan, CHINA
*You Cheng | Sichuan, CHINA
*Julianna Yet Man Chiu | Toronto, ON
Faith Marie Clinton | Souris
Allan Daniel Clow | Freetown
*Megan Court | Charlottetown
*James Alfred Crawford | Charlottetown
*Shanshan Cui | Chengdu, Sichuan, CHINA
*Xinyi Dai | Wenzhou, Zhejiang, CHINA
Simone T. Darville | Nassau, BAHAMAS
Jordan Alexander Doiron | St. Anns
*Fan Fei | Ningbo, Zhejiang, CHINA
Sarah Flohr | Charlottetown
Alexis M. Gallant | Pictou, NS
Brett Gallant | North Rustico
Jesse J. Gallant | St. Nicholas
Changhao Gao | Charlottetown
Joshua William Garnhum | Stratford
John David Geldert | Charlottetown
*Jared Anthony Mark Gomes | Mississauga, ON
Jessica Goodwin | Magdalen Islands, QC
*Denise Marie Gordon | Charlottetown
*Qing Han | Huainan City, Anhui, CHINA
Xiaowen Hu | Charlottetown
Rodney Glenn Hynes | New Glasgow, NS
Fogho Oroboghai Ikede | Warri, NIGERIA
Iffat Ara Ishita | Charlottetown
Jennifer Amy Ives | Charlottetown
*Cheryl Ann Jeffery Landry | Warren Grove
Aodong Jiang | Chengdu, Sichuan, CHINA
*Jordan Bennett Knox | Skinner’s Pond
Tyler James Kowalski | Freetown
Dong Lin | Changle, Fujian, CHINA
Kuan Kevin Liu | Charlottetown
Yimin Liu | Charlottetown
Biwen Luo | Guangzhou, CHINA
Grant Mitchell MacAulay | Charlottetown
Brady Charles Patrick McCloskey | Souris
Brodie MacDonald | Charlottetown
Conrad F. MacDonald | Souris
*Janell MacDonald | Cornwall
Lacey Catherine MacDonald | Stratford
Zachary Douglas Peter MacDonald | Charlottetown
*Chelsie Cecilia McInnis | Summerside
Chris MacIntyre | Stratford
*Jason Brian Gerard MacIntyre | Charlottetown
*Heather Marie MacKay | Charlottetown
*Alana Elizabeth McKie | Souris
Alex MacKinnon | Stratford
*Lacey Jay MacLauchlan | Charlottetown
*Catherine Claire MacLean | St. Margaret’s Bay, NS
*Kristina Jennifer MacLean | Charlottetown
Shawn Elmer MacLean | Stratford
*Jordan Leonard McNally | Mount Stewart
*Kyle Jeremy MacNeill | Charlottetown
Ashley MacNevin | Montague
Sarah Laura-Jean MacPhee | Clyde River
Mitchell Charles Emerson McQuade | Fredericton, NB
Chelsey Lynne Magennis | Charlottetown
Madeline Magni Demgne Tetang | CAMEROON
Adam Richard Connor Mah | Charlottetown
William M. Matheson | Stratford
Nicholas Michael Melnyk | Charlottetown
Jordan Robert Smith Mol | Stratford
Blake Molyneaux | Charlottetown
Megan Murnaghan | Charlottetown
Kelsey O’Donnell | Souris
Jennifer Megan Pellerin | Little Pond
Patrick David Quinn | Johnston’s River
Rebecca Joan Reid | Charlottetown
*Austine Roberts | Kensington
Jenny Roche | Pownal
Tyler W. Sellar | Charlottetown
Jiexi Shen | Charlottetown
*Jue Shen | Charlottetown
Kyle Jason Lowell Simpson | Charlottetown
*Jacqueline Skinner | Charlottetown
Justin David Smith | Charlottetown
Robert Alexander Smith | Charlottetown
Yi Su | Charlottetown
*Tomomi Sugeno | Fukushima, JAPAN
Tang Tang | Charlottetown
*Ye Tao | Charlottetown
Lindsey Theuerkauf | Cornwall
*Melissa Dawn Trowsdale | Charlottetown
*Kathleen Van Ekris | Charlottetown
Joshua Glendon John Vessey | Charlottetown
Michelle Mary Ward | Moncton, NB
Colin Webster | Kinkora
Garai Mark Wekwete | Harare, ZIMBABWE
Peter Clint White | Charlottetown
*April Lynn Wilbert | Charlottetown
*Christine Elizabeth Wilbert | Charlottetown
*Huifang Xiang | Charlottetown
Naiying Xu | Charlottetown
Qi Xu | Charlottetown
Yicen Xue | Beijing, CHINA
Hei Man Yeung | HONG KONG
*Jingshu Zhang | Chengdu, CHINA
Yeping Zhang | Kaiping, Guangdong, CHINA
Xiaobin (Thomas) Zhou | Shenzhen, Guangdong, CHINA

Bachelor of Business Administration – Honours

*Amanda Jenkins-Adams | Mount Albion
*Shirley Ann Rice | Cardigan

Bachelor of Business Administration - Honours Conversion Certificate

*Haley Allison Beer | Charlottetown

Bachelor of Business Administration – Cooperative Education

*Jennifer Marianne Adams | Bloomfield
Kristie Heather Arsenault | Charlottetown
Eric Craig Beaton | Charlottetown
*Sean James Bradley | Summerside
*Jenna Lynn Bysterveldt | Bedford
*John Alexander Grant | Brudenell
*Angela Patricia MacDonald | Morell
Timothy MacPhee | Bonshaw
*Benjamin S. Morrison | Charlottetown
Bashir Dakane Noor | Charlottetown
Alyson Norton | Charlottetown
Breanna Marie Rice | Kingston
Barbara Dawn Shephard | South Pinette
Oliver Daniel Tweel | Charlottetown
Colin P. Whitlock | Charlottetown
*Alicia Marie Wilbert | Charlottetown
Jessica Layne Young | Summerside

Bachelor of Business Studies

.Mathieu Boudreau | Bathurst, NB
Jonathan David Cameron | Charlottetown
Allan Corney | Charlottetown
Kara-Lynn Judd | Charlottetown
Bobby McKinnon | Charlottetown
Rina Mateo | Charlottetown
Jason Wood | Charlottetown

Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality

Jamie William Currie | Charlottetown
Derek Daniel Gaudet | Kinkora
Jeffrey M. Hughes | Montague
Emily Leclair | Charlottetown
Emily MacDonald | Charlottetown
Maria Lauren Younker | Charlottetown
Ruiqi Zhang | Aks Xinjiang, CHINA

Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality – Cooperative Education

Biying Pan | Canton, CHINA

Business Certificates

Kimberley Darlene Andrews | Charlottetown
Ronald J. Dowling | Summerside
Amanda Walsh Duffy | Charlottetown
Karen June Dyment | Charlottetown
Karen LaPierre | Charlottetown
Ronelda Peters | Stratford
Stephen J. Powers | Charlottetown
Rita Ann Redmond | Stratford
Carol Ann Sellar | Argyle Shore
Whitney Young | New Haven

Accounting Certificates

Ashley Laura Adams | Charlottetown
Jennifer A. Buchanan | Carleton
Sergiu Cavalgiu | Charlottetown
Julianna Yet Man Chiu | Charlottetown
Jerry Peter Gavin | Charlottetown
John Alexander Grant | Brudenell
Jordan Bennett Knox | Skinner’s Pond
Chris MacIntyre | Stratford
Kristina Jennifer MacLean | Charlottetown
Shawn Elmer MacLean | Stratford
Jordan Leonard McNally | Mount Stewart
Bashir Dakane Noor | Charlottetown
Arlene Marie Proctor | Charlottetown
Joshua Simon | Charlottetown
April Lynn Wilbert | Charlottetown

Master of Business Administration

Hannah Elizabeth Bell | York
Andrea Bourne | Carbonear, NL
Kelly Ann Cooper | Charlottetown
Robert Barry Dawson, Jr. | Cornwall
Steven Douglas Dowling | Stratford
Danny Leo Doyle | Pleasant Grove
Barbara D. Dunphy-Gotell | Charlottetown
Todd Ian Gallant | Cornwall
Gregory Goodfellow | Charlottetown
Pieter Sierk Ijsselstein | Charlottetown
James Matthew Jason Lee | Charlottetown
Jason David Lindsay | Cornwall
W. Paul Livingston | Charlottetown
Karen Anne MacDonald | Stratford
Rodney B. Moore | Summerside
Jodi Murphy | Charlottetown
Tim O’Brien | Charlottetown
Kevin P. Orpen | Charlottetown
Kelly Catherine Richard | Charlottetown
Lorri A. St. Onge | Mermaid
Amie Swallow MacDonald | Little Pond
Shona Kirkland Whyte | Charlottetown
John Paul Stephen Young | Summerside

Cathy Toombs
Academic Records Supervisor - Convocation Coordinator
Registrar's Office
(902) 566-0439

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 2012

Dawn Elizabeth Eileen Abbott | Summerside
Stephanie Terry Alford | Marlborough, MA, USA
Nicole Lynn Howe Amon | Venice, FL, USA
Ashley Ann Babin | Beresford, NB
William Douglas Bell | Petite Riviere, NS
Katarina Rachaell Bennett | Charlottetown
Lauren Anne Bernstein | Charlottetown
Bruno Boutet | Riverview, NB
Cassandra Ellen MacDonald Brown | Stratford
Heather Burrage | St. John’s, NL
Sheldon Russell Campbell | Grahams Road
Cynthia Cary | Charlottetown
Lauren Marie Collins | Halifax, NS
Rebecca Kathleen Conway | Halifax, NS
Stephanie Louise Dodds | Cohocton, NY, USA
Courtney Dwyer | Glace Bay, NS
Jessicca Fielding | Truro, NS
Jennifer Lynne Fowler | Afton, NY, USA
Jacklyn A. Fullerton | Greenwich, NY, USA
Gillian Melissa Gouchie | Miramichi, NB
Sadie Griffin | Annapolis Royal, NS
Jennifer Louise Hanrahan | Porters Lake, NS
Melissa Leigh Hardy | Charlottetown
Stephanie Melissa Hayward | Lower Sackville, NS
Marisa Herzog | New York, NY, USA
Katie Leigh Hoddinott | Halifax, NS
Tabitha Jane Hookey | St. John’s, NL
Roland Micheal Glen Howlett | Oxford, NS
William David Huttges | Saint John, NB
Theresa Rose Kaeser | Seymour, CT, USA
Nicole Christine Kaiser | Hammonds Plains, NS
Kathleen Clair Siobhan Killen | Saint John, NB
Emilie A. Laston | Williamstown, VT, USA
Amy Elizabeth Lister | Montague
Amy Grace Lowe | Beaver Bank, NS
Erica Brett MacKinnon | Sackville, NB
Christopher M. McLaughlin | Woodstock, NB
Stephanie Lynn McNeill | Dartmouth, NS
Melanie Lise Mallett | Dieppe, NB
Alison Dana Caplin Mason | Cos Cob, CT, USA
Bethany Eva Morgan | Paradise, NL
Ashley Aaron Nolan | Rothesay, NB
Natasha Virtue Noseworthy | Sandy Cove, NL
Nolan Osborne | Corn Hill, NB
Samara Lane Parker | Stow, MA, USA
Mavis Lillian Poirier | Glengarry
Elizabeth Caroline Pulman | Ottawa, ON
Melissa Diane Purcell | Brookside, NS
Benjamin Carl Sanford | Annapolis Royal, NS
Jessica Catherine Sharpe | Wellington, NS
Nicole Sczypiorski | Philadelphia, PA, USA
Meghan Katherine Marie Solc | Brockville, ON
Marissa Louise Steinberg | Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Molly Elizabeth Tango | Neptune City, NJ, USA
Ryan Edward Thatcher | Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Jennifer Van Der Lee | Lethbridge, AB
Charles Veilleux | Quebec, QC
Lisa Jean Wolff | Stillwater, MN, USA
Marianne Louise Wortman | Nashwaak Village, NB
Christina Marie Zeoli | Miller Place, NY, USA

Master of Science - Veterinary Medicine

Michael A. Ciaramella | Stroudsburg, PA, USA
Angela Dianne Douglas | Morell
Louis F. Ferguson | Tracadie-Sheila, NB
Jennifer Eva Harkness | Summerside
Sarah Gabrielle Jones | Charlottetown
Agatha Kisiel | Guelph, ON
Nicole Lewis | Digby, NS
Janet Maria Saunders | Charlottetown

Doctor of Philosophy

Reginald Chinedu Adiele | Charlottetown
Ebo Budu-Amoako | Charlottetown
Sutaporn Bunyajetpong | Charlottetown
Timothy Alan Burnley | Charlottetown
Kimberley Anne Ryan MacDonald | Cardigan

Cathy Toombs
Academic Records Supervisor - Convocation Coordinator
Registrar's Office
(902) 566-0439

Faculty of Science, 2012

Max Ryan Ahlquist | Plaistow, NH, USA | Computer Science
*Andrea Louise Archibald | Saskatoon, SK | Foods & Nutrition
*Amanda Armstrong | Baltimore, ON | Biology
*Chantel Arsenault | Summerside | Family Science
Stefan Berger | Charlottetown | Mathematics
*Bethany Jean Biggar | Inverness | Foods & Nutrition
*Harrison Doyle Blizzard | Milford, NB | Foods & Nutrition
Stephen Brown | Richmond | Mathematics/Physics
Melissa Marie Burke | Charlottetown | Psychology
*Ben William Cameron | Summerside | Psychology
*Chad William Cameron | Clyde River | Biology
Ellice Dayle Carmody | Charlottetown | Foods & Nutrition
David P. Carragher | Meadowbank | Family Science
*Stephen Lee Wallace Chandler | Charlottetown | Math with Engineering
Noreen Badar Chishti | Charlottetown | Foods & Nutrition
*Robyn Christensen | Charlottetown | Chemistry
*Ellen Bridget Conohan | Charlottetown | Family Science
*Cheralynn Dawn Corney | Stratford | Biology/Anthropology
Phillip Adam Corney | Stratford | Computer Science
Isabelle Lynne D’Amour | Charlottetown | Biology
*Ellen Amanda Leah Dixon | Kingston | Biology
*Leanne Amy Doiron | Charlottetown | Biology
Taher Ammar Dowidari | Idlib, SYRIA | Biology
*Adam Randall Drake | Vernon Bridge | Psychology
*Jordan Dukart | Charlottetown | Computer Science
*Danielle Farrell | St. Alban’s, NL | Foods & Nutrition
*Jianming Feng | Charlottetown | Mathematics
*Helen Fraser | Belnan, NS | Biology
*Alicia Mary Friars | Sussex, NB | Family Science
*Allyson Jane Gallant | Charlottetown | Foods & Nutrition
Dominic Jean-Pierre Gallant | St. Timothée | Biology
*Megan Mary Alice Gallant | Charlottetown | Psychology
Winston Gallant | Summerside | Biology
*Sarah Heather Gamble | Calgary, AB | Biology
Amber Gaudette | Alberton | Biology
*William Donald Gauthier | Charlottetown | Psychology
Kristopher Allen Gay | Charlottetown | Computer Science
*Emma Piper Gillis | Point Prim | Family Science
*Nancy Ellen Gormley | Millcove | Foods & Nutrition
*Lydia Ruth Marann Graham | Huntsville, ON | Family Science
Rachel Catherine Graham | New Glasgow, NS | Foods & Nutrition
*Michael Hardy | Summerside | Biology
Bethany Grace Harris | Charlottetown | Foods & Nutrition
*Christina Hennessey | Cornwall | Biology
*Nicole Hobbs | Labrador City, NL | Psychology
Emily O. Hodge | Charlottetown | Chemistry
Junzhuo Huang | Charlottetown | Biology
*Belinda Catherine Jenkins | Stratford | Foods & Nutrition
*Nan Jiang | Charlottetown | Computer Science
*Melanie Anne Johnston | Charlottetown | Chemistry
*Emily Rose Kelly | Charlottetown | Foods & Nutrition
*Nicholas Charles Landry | Moncton, NB | Biology
Stephanie Lane | Charlottetown | Foods & Nutrition
*Megan Elizabeth Larkin | Cavendish | Biology
*Michael LeBlanc | Charlottetown | Psychology
*Alicia Lewis | Charlottetown | Biology/Psychology
*Mark Lightfoot | Charlottetown | Computer Science
*Qi Liu | Charlottetown | Biology
*Robert Livingstone | Stratford | Chemistry
*Chelsea Lowther | Charlottetown | Psychology
Alyssa MacAusland | Summerside | Biology
Anthony Craig Mark McCaffrey | Charlottetown | Physics
*Shelby Nichole McCarron | Charlottetown | Biology
Adam Josiah MacDonald | Charlottetown | Biology
Andrew McDonald | Charlottetown | Computer Science
*Graham MacDonald | Belfast | Chemistry
*Tyler Scott MacDonald | Charlottetown | Biology
*Jeffrey MacDougald | Charlottetown | Biology
*Kayla McGregor | St. Stephen, NB | Foods & Nutrition
Jenna Leigh McInnis | Earnscliffe | Chemistry
Shawn Linus McIver | Kinkora | Foods & Nutrition
Emily Catherine McKenna | Stratford | Biology
Jillian Sarah MacKenzie | Cornwall | Foods & Nutrition
*Jessica Susan MacKinnon | Charlottetown | Psychology
*Raelynn MacLean | Charlottetown | Biology
Kelli Lianne MacLeod | Sydney, NS | Biology
*James MacPhee | Charlottetown | Biology/English
Jillian MacPhee | Souris | Biology
Iain Alan Charles McPhee | Pickering, ON | Biology
*Calvin Alexander MacPherson | Stratford | Chemistry
*Kyle Marshall MacPherson | Stratford | Chemistry
Kelsey McQuaid | Stratford | Biology
*Justin Ronald Kenneth McRae | Tignish | Chemistry
*Kayla Anne MacRae | Charlottetown | Biology
*Areen Imad Malkawi | Detroit, MI | Psychology
*Tyler Melvin Marchbank | Charlottetown | Psychology
*Katelyn Marie Martell | Cole Harbour, NS | Chemistry
*Lily Ann Maxham | Ferrisburgh, VT | Biology
Kristen Marie Mermuys | Montague | Biology
*Karine Meunier-Pelletier | Dalhousie, NB | Foods & Nutrition
*Mitzi Arely Mitchell | Charlottetown | Psychology
*Sara Ellen Kathleen Moore | Charlottetown | Chemistry
Jessica Marie Morrison | St. Georges | Psychology
*Madonna Morrison | Miramichi, NB | Biology
*Sarah Mary Nabuurs | Cardigan | Foods & Nutrition
*Nicholas Leo Charles Oakley | Dartmouth, NS | Biology
*Megan Barbara Paynter | Freetown | Psychology
Charlotte Jane Petley | Charlottetown | Family Science
*Jessica Pinkham | Charlottetown | Biology
*Martina Marie Poirier | Glengarry | Foods & Nutrition
Roxane Poitras | Grand Falls, NB | Biology
Kate Alice Publicover | Charlottetown | Biology
*Amy Rawlinson | Lynden, ON | Foods & Nutrition
Rodney Reid | Bishop’s Falls, NL | Biology
Kaitlin Richard | Summerside | Foods & Nutrition
Rebecca Kathryn Robison | Charlottetown | Psychology
*Hannah Roche | Pownal | Biology
*Bradford Rooney | Belfast | Biology
*Alicia Eileen Rose | Charlottetown | Biology
Carlos Sanchez | Charlottetown | Biology
Melissa Freda Saunders | Charlottetown | Biology
*Dylan Sawyer | Charlottetown | Computer Science with Videogaming
*Emilie Elizabeth Schurman | Stanley Bridge | Foods & Nutrition
Naomi Sellick | Cascumpec | Biology
*Samantha Caroline Smith | Rothesay, NB | Foods & Nutrition
*Jhase August Sniderman | Toronto, ON | Biology
Phillip Lee Soga | London, ON | Computer Science with Videogaming
Alex Nicholas Tabor | Sussex, NB | Computer Science
*Amanda Marie Thomas | Belledune, NB | Biology
Allison Leigh Townshend | Souris | Biology
*Emma Leighann Waite | Charlottetown | Chemistry
*James Logan Waite | Charlottetown | Biology
Xiaodan Wang | Ningxa, CHINA | Chemistry
*Beverly Brooks Ward | Springfield, NS | Psychology
Jessica Mae Webster | Cardigan | Psychology
*Tyler Scott Wheeler | Montague | Biology
Mindy Sharon White | Guernsey Cove | Psychology
Rebecca Johanna Wolfe | Charlottetown | Biology
Laura Diana Joanna Woodworth | Grand Falls-Windsor, NL | Foods & Nutrition
Chen Chen Yu | Hingxia, CHINA | Psychology

Bachelor of Science – Cooperative Education

Joel Matthew Gallant | North Rustico | Computer Science
Peter Mark Osif | Charlottetown | Computer Science

Bachelor of Science – Honours

*David William Angelo Forner | Summerside | Honours Biology
*Danielle Louise Gordon | Charlottetown | Honours Biology
*Xu Han | Tangshan, Hebei, CHINA | Honours Computer Science
*Kathryn Dawn Hay | Cornwall | Honours Biology
*Hannah Dianne Hughes | Charlottetown | Honours Biology/Psychology
Jarret P. MacDonald | Cornwall | Honours Chemistry
*Jeanna Marie MacLeod | Cardigan | Honours Chemistry
Seyed Pooria Madani Kochak | Charlottetown | Honours Computer Science
*Spencer Matheson | Charlottetown | Honours Mathematics
Sisi Pan | Sichuan, CHINA | Honours Psychology
*Curtis Penny | Belfast | Honours Biology
*Isabelle Perrault | Montreal, QC | Honours Biology
*Spencer Paul Pitre | Alberton | Honours Chemistry
*Jordan Donald Poley | Charlottetown | Honours Biology
*William Scott | Stratford | Honours Physics
*Brendan James Henry Sheppard | Bathurst, NB | Honours Chemistry
*Megan Jennifer Dale Sheridan | Summerside | Honours Psychology
*Runmin Shi | Zhu Zhou, Hunan, CHINA | Honours Mathematics
*Kylie Dawn Tingley | Hopewell Cape, NB | Honours Biology
*Sarah Lindsay Tratch | Ottawa, ON | Honours Biology
*Erin Wendy Tuplin | Roxbury | Honours Psychology
*Jeremy Van Buskirk | Stratford | Honours Psychology
*Aaron Whiteway | Charlottetown | Honours Physics
*Connor Zachary Youngerman | Lenox, MA, USA | Honours Biology
*Elizabeth Margaret Younie | Morell | Honours Psychology
*Zosia Zielinski | Stanhope | Honours Chemistry

Bachelor of Science – Honours – Cooperative Education

Aimee Caitlyn Darrach | Argyle Shore | Honours Physics
*Tyler J. Palmer | Charlottetown | Honours Physics
*Victoria Alyssa Trenton | Charlottetown | Honours Physics
*Rui Zhou | Dangtu, Anhui, CHINA | Honours Computer Science

Bachelor of Science - Honours Conversion Certificate

*Fengwei Jiang | Xi’An, Shaanxi, CHINA | Honours Mathematics
*Jenelle MacKenzie | Hartsville | Honours Chemistry
*Paul Nelson | Charlottetown | Honours Biology
*Feiran Yang | Beijing, CHINA | Honours Mathematics

Bachelor of Child and Family Studies

Brittany Dugal | Cornwall
Bethany Emily Ellis | Charlottetown
Ann F. Hayes-McKenzie | Charlottetown
Renée Melanie Kinch | Tignish
Emily Ida Millar | Ellerslie

Bachelor of Applied Science in Radiography

*Ashley Deveaux | Miscouche
*Angie Lowther | Ellerslie
*Amber Leta Oatway | Kensington
*Kelsey Marie Phelan | Morell
*Emily Thompson | Midgell

Engineering Diploma

Pamela Andrews | Charlottetown
Juliet Bernard | Cumberland
Tyler John Bernard | Summerside
Dillon Betts | Cornwall
David C. Brown | Charlottetown
Alexander Connolly | Charlottetown
Phillip Curley | Summerside
G. Andrew Doyle | Stratford
Jonathan Doyle | Stratford
Patrick Donald Drake | Vernon Bridge
Mitchell Eamer | Charlottetown
Lyle Gauthier | Charlottetown
Matthew Gauthier | Rustico
Alexander Hunt | Shingle Springs, CA
Edward Hutchings | Cornwall
James Lafrance | Kensington
Peter MacAulay | Mount Herbert
B. Patrick McKenna | Charlottetown
John Thomas McKenna | Charlottetown
T.J. Dawson MacMillan | Canavoy
Cole Milton | Cornwall
Chad Arthur Mooney | Souris
Josh Roche | Charlottetown
Farid Samara | Charlottetown
Matthew Tong | Maple Ridge, BC
Jonathan Young | Charlottetown

Master of Science - Science

Simon Berger | Charlottetown
Clayton D’Orsay | Sydney, CB
Mitchell Ross MacMillan | Belfast
Sarah-Meghan Frances Marriott | Grand Pré, NS
Evans Angewenyi Monyoncho | Kisii, KENYA
Adam Jonathan Proud | Charlottetown
Iskandar Saada | Charlottetown
Md Shafiullah | Charlottetown
Carrie A. Snow | Charlottetown
Kevin Andrew Sorochan | Nanaimo, BC
Sarah Mae Sparks | Cambridge, ON

Academic Costume

University gowns should be of black worsted or similar material with full sleeves and reach to within twelve inches of the floor. Graduates of the University of Prince Edward Island shall be permitted to wear the University hood, with borders coloured as follows:

Bachelor of Arts: White
Bachelor of Applied Arts in Print Journalism: Crimson
Bachelor of Integrated Studies: Silver

Bachelor of Music: Pink
Bachelor of Music Education: Mauve

Bachelor of Business Administration: Drab
Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality: Burgundy
Bachelor of Business Studies: Red

Bachelor of Education: Light Blue
Bachelor of Education: Human Resource Development:  Forest Green

Bachelor of Science: Golden Yellow
Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Apricot
Bachelor of Applied Science in Radiography: Blue and Gold
Bachelor of Child and Family Studies: Gold and Purple
Bachelor of Wildlife Conservation:  TBA

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: Grey
Master of Education: Light Blue Velvet
Master of Science: Golden Yellow Velvet
Master of Veterinary Science: Peacock Velvet
Doctor of Philosophy: Grey and Green Velvet
Master of Arts: White Velvet
Master of Applied Health Services Research: Royal Blue Velvet
Master of Business Administration:  Drab Velvet
Master of Nursing:  Apricot Velvet

Cathy Toombs
Academic Records Supervisor - Convocation Coordinator
Registrar's Office
(902) 566-0439

Faculty of Education, 2012

Fatma Al-Marhubi | Muscat, Oman
Robert Anderson | Timberlea, NS
Trevor Martin Arsenault | Simcoe, ON
Kristopher Eugene Ross Barnes | Cornwall
Christine Luanne Bell | Cornwall
Julia Diana Blanchard | St. George’s, NL
Jaclyn Marie Borden | Sydney, NS
Lynsey Dawn Bradley | Charlottetown
Shannon Georgina Byrnes | Cole Harbor, NS
Heather Anne Cardy | Cornwall
Kaitlin Jessica Chisholm | Middleton, NS
Jordan Grant Noah Daigle | Moncton, NB
Michelle Fawn Dalton | Charlottetown
Mallory J. Donahue | Charlottetown
Natalie Dawn Doyle | Charlottetown
Leila Stephanie Eid | St. John’s, NL
Jennifer Feehan | Mount Stewart
Curtis Lawrence Fournier | Saint John, NB
Janelle Deborah Lee Francis | Lennox Island
Mallory Jane Francis | Lady Fane
Kathryn Jane Gregory | Charlottetown
Ashley Lauren Hamm | Stratford
Morgan Mooney Hennessey | Charlottetown
Shannon Lee Hood | Charlottetown
Katherine Adelle Huston | Charlottetown
Kathryn Elizabeth Jenkins | Charlottetown
Jonathan Arthur Maxwell Lane | Saint John, NB
Jeffrey Paul MacDermid | Sauble Beach, ON
Kristopher Alan MacDonald | Orwell
Natalie Jean McDonald | Summerside
Phyllis Marie MacDonald | Charlottetown
Suzanne Marie MacDonald | Sydney, NS
Miranda Phyllis McGuirk | Vernon River
Ashley Anne MacIntyre | Souris
Stephanie L. MacNeill | Charlottetown
Catherine Mary Doris Martell | Montague
Doug Martin | Charlottetown
Katelyn J. Mountain | Kensington
Kara Marie Mundy | Miscouche
Emily Jane Murray | Glencoe, NB
Melanie Rose Murray | Charlottetown
Lisa Rose O’Donnell | Charlottetown
Sarah Lynn O’Donnell | Goose Bay, NL
Mark Albert Ogley | Charlottetown
Andrea O’Handley | Boularderie, NS
Giuseppe Salvatore Scichilone | Quispamsis, NB
Christine M. Snowden | Woodstock
Amy Cassandra Stark | Prince George, BC
Melissa Catherine Thompson | Kensington
Christopher A. Young | Charlottetown
Jennifer Zinck | Springvale

BED – Enseignement En Français Langue Seconde

Dominick Vincent Angelini | Charlottetown
Michelle Dawn Bernard | Alberton
Gillian Elizabeth Caissie | Charlottetown
Ellen Marlene Dewar | Lower Montague
Matthew C. Dixon | Charlottetown
Melissa Anne Martin | Tignish
Mary Elizabeth Moran | Mermaid
Danielle Renée Pellerin | Larry's River, NS
Ellen Catherine Taylor | Nine Mile Creek
Merissa Mary Jean Young | West Northfield, NS

Bachelor of Education in Human Resource Development

Angela Maureen Blanchard | Stratford
Tracey Ann Campbell | Charlottetown
Lori L. Johnston | Charlottetown
Tara J. MacCallum | Charlottetown
Jennifer Lynn Redmond | Watervale
Virginia L. Wickstrom | Charlottetown

Certificate in Adult Education

Duane Arsenault | Tignish
Tiffany Baxter | Cornwall
Angela Blanchard | Stratford
April Condon | Charlottetown
Leslie Condon | DeSable
Peter Connaughton | Stratford
Mark Douglas | Hunter River
Rachel Ellsworth | Ellerslie
Susan Harrington-Eddie | Summerside
Don Hood | Charlottetown
Lori Johnston | Charlottetown
Roger Kelly | Cardigan
Christie Lougheed Bambrick | Charlottetown
Kelly MacCallum | Cornwall
Wanda MacInnis | St. Peter’s Bay
Sarah MacKinnon-Cormier | Clyde River
Ken Muirhead | Charlottetown
Chris Sharpley | Stratford
Roberta Smith | Charlottetown
Joerg Soltermann | Cornwall
Ruth Thorne | Montague
Lori Walkelin | Charlottetown
Virginia Wickstrom | Charlottetown

Inclusive Education Certificate

Kelly S. Cierra | Charlottetown
Jennifer Diane Dixon | Montague
Liane Johnston | Charlottetown
Kimberly Faye Mason | Stratford
Dianne Marie Ostridge | Pisquid
Cory Sterling Stevenson | Sprinton
Donna Lorraine White | Guernsey Cove

School Librarianship Certificate

Lana Pauline MacIsaac | Stratford
Donna L. White | Guernsey Cove
Kimberley P. Wood | Alexandra

Master of Education

Sarah Jane Barrett | Summerside
Lisa Marie Birt | Emyvale
Amy Boswall | Charlottetown
Lisa Marie Cooper | Charlottetown
Tammy Lynn Dingwell | Charlottetown
C. Arlene Dowling | Murray River
Brenda Almeda Doyle | St. John’s, NL
Derek Dunn | Charlottetown
Joline Margaret Dunn | York Point
Sonya M. Hooper | Charlottetown
Lawrence Michael Hughes | Charlottetown
Dawn Huskins-Townsend | Wileville, NS
Howard Charles James | Ottawa, ON
Melissa J. Josey | Stratford
Lech Krzywonos | Truro, NS
Robin Elaine Loder | Corner Brook, NL
Barbara J. MacDonald | Charlottetown
Faber Paul Augustine MacDonald | Charlottetown
Joanne MacNevin | Charlottetown
Norma E. Musgrave | Sydney, NS
Susan L. Norquay | Charlottetown
Gillian A. O’Brien | Bishop’s Falls, NL
Christina E. Perry | Charlottetown
Lorraine Pye-Varnes | North Sydney, NS
M. Goretti Romeo | Charlottetown
Jennifer Lynn Rozell | Alberton
Barbara Shea Smith | Stanchel
Janet Lou Specht | Kentville, NS
Lorraine Yvonne Elizabeth Storry Mockford | Kingston, NS
Dylan James Emerson Taylor | Oshawa, ON
Brendan Michael Toner | Ft. McMurray, AB
Judy Marilyn Watton | Corner Brook, NL
Mary Alisha Whalley | Guysborough, NS
Donna Wigmore | Charlottetown

Cathy Toombs
Academic Records Supervisor - Convocation Coordinator
Registrar's Office
(902) 566-0439

Faculty of Arts, 2012

*denotes first-class standing

Bachelor of Arts

Shamshil Arefin Ahasan | Charlottetown | Economics
Chelsea Peyton Almeida | Chelton | Psychology
Jennifer Andrews | Charlottetown | Sociology
Mariah Lynn Andrews | Hunter River | History
*Ashton Arsenault | Stanhope | Political Science
Christine Anne Arsenault | Charlottetown | Sociology
Emma-Lee Arsenault | Charlottetown | French
*Virginia Anne Arsenault | Charlottetown | History
Ryan William Aylward | Summerside | History
Bonnie Mae Bain | Cornwall | History
*Katherine Ellen Baird | Charlottetown | English
Aimee Marie Barker | Wilson’s Beach, NB | Psychology
Joshua Russell Beaton | Charlottetown | English
*Rebecca Emily Bellefontaine | Charlottetown | Sociology/Anthropology
Owen John Martin Bennett | Ottawa, ON | History
*Monique Jade Bernard | Tignish | Sociology
*Jennifer Ann Bevins | Charlottetown | Psychology
Qingbo Bian | Changzhou, Jiangsu, CHINA | Economics
William Earl Bernard Boswall | Dunstaffnage | Sociology
Jessie Lyne Bowness | Huntley | History
*Jennifer Erin Bradley | Charlottetown | Psychology
*Adam Michael Brimacombe | Charlottetown | Political Science
*Yi Jie Bu | Xuzhou, Jiangsu, CHINA | Economics
*Cody C. Burke | Charlottetown | Philosophy
Breton Butler | Cornwall | Philosophy
Brandon Wayne Campbell | Souris | English
Jay Clair Campbell | Kensington | Political Science
Jillian Campbell | Borden-Carleton | English
Justin Gregory Campbell | Montague | History
Kyle Dwight Campbell | New Haven | History
*Paula Joanna Tymosiak Campbell | Thornhill, ON | Sociology/Anthropology
*Natalie Rose Carragher | Charlottetown | Psychology
Daniel Timothy Carroll | Charlottetown | Political Science
*Xiaowei Chen | Nantong, Jiangsu, CHINA | Economics
Ya Guang Chen | Charlottetown | Economics
*Guangxin Chi | Chifeng, INNER MONGOLIA | Economics
*Felicia Clarke | Magdalen Islands, QC | Psychology
*Louise Cockram | Edinburgh, SCOTLAND | History/Political Science
Jake Collings | Charlottetown | Anthropology
*Stephanie Elizabeth Anne Connell | Miramichi, NB | Psychology
Katherine Stephanie Jean Connolly | Hammonds Plains, NS | Psychology/Sociology
*Nicole Renée Cormier | Charlottetown | English
Blair Sarah Marie Cowan | Pictou, NS | English
Kristen Judith Craig | Summerside | Psychology/Sociology
Mary Angela Lynn Crozier | Summerside | English
Julie Bree Dickson | Charlottetown | History
*Jeffrey Russell Dohoo | Charlottetown | | English
*Emily Doiron | New Glasgow | Political Science
*Olivia Dolphin | Elmwood | Psychology
Jiao Dong | Chengdu, Sichuan, CHINA | Economics
Jessica J. H. Donovan | Dalhousie, NB | Psychology/Anthropology
Natasha Dawn Marie Doucette | Pleasant View | English/Sociology
*Jackson Ian Doughart | Summerside | Political Science
*Falina Dovick | Bathurst, NB | English
*Sarah Elizabeth Dumas | Dartmouth, MA, USA | Sociology
Marcus John Dunphy | Souris | Psychology
*Matthew Dykerman | Charlottetown | Economics
Philip Joseph Dykerman | Brookfield | French
*Rachel Earl | Charlottetown | History
*Darlene M. Eldershaw | Morell | Psychology
Derek Shane Ellis | Charlottetown | Philosophy
*Lindsay Rebecca Elson | Bracebridge, ON | Psychology/Sociology & Anthropology
Julee Ann Enman | Tyne Valley | Sociology
*Brittany Danielle Evans | Kensington | History
*Jiahui Fang | Shenzhen, CHINA | Economics
Taylor Kathleen Fitzgerald | Charlottetown | Sociology
Mandy Foran | Miramichi, NB | History
Lindsay Doreen Ford | Oyster Bed Bridge | Psychology
Kayla Joan Nadine Fraser | Charlottetown | French
Helen Elizabeth French | Saint John, NB | English
Ruyan Fu | Charlottetown | Economics
Amanda Lynn Gallant | Summerside | Sociology
Carolyn Rachel Gallant | Charlottetown | Psychology
Jeremy Stephen Gallant | Charlottetown | History
Kaitlin Debroah Gallant | Summerside | Psychology
Rachelle Sheila Marie Gallant | Wellington | Psychology
Tyler Gallant | Summerside | Economics
*Chelsea Lauren Gaudet | Charlottetown | Psychology
*Kathleen A. Gauthier | Charlottetown | Psychology
*Brianna Michelle Gill | Stratford | History
*Nathan John Gill | Charlottetown | English
Derrell Gillis | Charlottetown | History
Kelley Gillis | Charlottetown | English
Ryan Green | Summerside | Psychology
Joshua Vance Griffin | Shamrock | History
Jennifer Hainsworth | Sunbridge, ON | English
*Eric Stephen Hammond | Cornwall | Psychology
*Ellen Patricia Hartinger | Charlottetown | Sociology
Daniel Angus Scott Hay | Hampshire | History
Elysia Dawn Hickox | Charlottetown | Religious Studies
Cameron Howard Hobson | Charlottetown | Political Science
Jia Hu | Charlottetown | Economics
*Daniella W. Ikurusi | NIGERIA | Economics
*Hannah Camilion Jenkins | Stratford | Sociology
Jessy Allan Judson | Charlottetown | Philosophy
*Nicholas Alexander Kaminsky | Moncton, NB | Political Science
Allison Elizabeth Kelly | Kingston | Music
Tracey D. King-Gallant | Stratford | Psychology
Karen LaPierre | Charlottetown | English
Kenzie Eileen Ley | Sydney, NS | Sociology
Hongbo Liao | Charlottetown | Economics
Fierah Georgina Livingstone | Marshfield | Religious Studies
Chad Gordon Locke | St. John’s, NL | History
Bethany E. Long | Charlottetown | Sociology
Nelson MacAulay | Souris | History
*Nicole MacAulay | Souris | English
*Katharine Marie-Claire MacDonald | Charlottetown | Anthropology
Christine Lois McDougall | Charlottetown | English
*Ferne McFadden | Charlottetown | Psychology
Marianne Elizabeth MacGrath | Hilden, NS | Women’s Studies
Victoria Ruth MacKay | New London | Anthropology
Katherine Elizabeth McKenna | Charlottetown | Political Science/Philosophy
*Devin McKinnon | Charlottetown | Psychology
Jana Marie MacLeod | Souris | English
Jana Rae MacLeod | Stratford | Sociology
Lindsay MacLeod | Brackley | Sociology
Maggie Jane MacLeod | Murray Harbour | English
*Keltie Jane MacPhail | Cornwall | English
*Lindsay MacPhee | Charlottetown | Psychology
Megan J. A. McPhee | Charlottetown | Political Science
Linda Katherine Martin | New Glasgow, NS | Religious Studies
Benjamin E. Miller | Elmwood | History
*Chelsey Moore | Charlottetown | Philosophy
Katie Jean Moore | Charlottetown | Psychology
*Matthew A. Munro | Whim Road | Psychology
Jeremy James Francis Murphy | Charlottetown | English
Andrew Wallace Murray | Mount Stewart | Music
Katie Helena Murray | Stratford | English
*Kristen Nash | Miramichi, NB | Psychology
Kenneth Nicolle | Montague | Political Science
*Julie Ann Nieuwhof | Charlottetown | English
Kellen Myles Heath Noye | Tyne Valley | History
*Colby James Thomas O’Donnell | Charlottetown | Sociology
Thomas John Ogden | Stratford | Canadian Studies
Chioma Babara Okafor | Benin-City Edo-State, NIGERIA | Anthropology
Aleah Palmer | Quispamsis, NB | English
*Natalie Parker | Charlottetown | Sociology
Jenna Paynter | Charlottetown | Psychology
Spencer Carl Phillips | Arlington | English
Katelyn Arlene Proude | Charlottetown | Sociology
Kira Louise Quinsey | Whitehorse, YT | History
*Nicholas David Ramsay | Charlottetown | History
*Maureen Redmond | Charlottetown | Sociology
Ian Lawlor Ritchie | Charlottetown | Political Science/Philosophy
Jeffrey Rodgers | Nassau, BAHAMAS | Economics
*Kara Lee Roy | Hampton | Psychology
*Sarah Marie Ruggins | Montreal, PQ | Philosophy
Steven Francis Rush | Charlottetown | Psychology
Katrina Kelli Ryan | Charlottetown | English
Lei Shen | Charlottetown | Economics
Chevon Sheppard | Charlottetown | English
*Colin Michael Sheridan | Charlottetown | Psychology
Chenliang Shi | Sichuan, CHINA | Economics
Angela Marie Simpson | Charlottetown | Psychology
Caleb Corbett Smith | Summerside | Political Science
Adam St. Pierre | Charlottetown | English
Xinjie Tan | Tongxiang Zhejiang, CHINA | Economics
*Heather Tasker | Brackley Beach | Psychology
Robert Everet Terpstra | Charlottetown | Sociology
*Jesse Todd | Miminegash | English
Brittany Joanne Tozer | Miramichi, NB | History
*Lauren Angelina Van Vliet | Summerside | Religious Studies
*Morgan Elizabeth Varis | Charlottetown | Psychology
Chad Alton Vienneau | Bathurst, NB | Sociology
*Karen Lynn Wade | Summerside | Psychology
Andrew Patrick Walsh | Kitchener, ON | Political Science
Simon Watts | Charlottetown | Economics
*Alexandra Wedlake | Cornwall | Religious Studies
Sarah Anne Weeks | Charlottetown | Psychology/Sociology
*Jianwen Xu | Charlottetown | Economics
Aaron Justin Lawrence Young | Grand Tracadie | History
*Whitney Young | New Haven | Psychology
Yagiong Yu | CHINA | Economics
Jing Yuan | Chengdu, CHINA | Economics
Junjie Zhu | Charlottetown | Economics

Bachelor of Arts – Honours

*M. Denise Beaton | Charlottetown | Honours Psychology
*Sandra Katherine Stewart Curley | Brooklyn | Honours History
*Ethan Aaron Fenton | Cornwall | Honours English
*Sarah Marie Flanagan | Charlottetown | Honours English
*Christopher Donald Johnston | Truro, NS | Honours History
*Patrick Leath | Orwell | Honours English
*Erica McQuaid Ross | Clyde River | Honours Psychology
*Lauren Katherine Murphy | Bedeque | Honours English/Psychology
Dylan Alexander Riley | York | Honours English
*Christopher James Rowley | Middleton, NS | Honours Sociology/Anthropology
*Jennie Thompson | Charlottetown | Honours English
*Kristina Dawn Toma | Invermere, BC | Honours Psychology
Christopher Williams | Okotoks, AB | Honours History

Bachelor of Arts – Honours Conversion Certificate

*Emma Anne Boswell | Victoria | Honours Psychology
Phillip Edward MacCallum | Charlottetown | Honours Psychology

Bachelor of Music

Jennifer Elizabeth Anderson | Cape Breton, NS
*Brittany Alyssa Banks | Springvale
Jake John Joseph Denty | Goose Bay, NL
*Nicole C. Green | New Glasgow
*Noah Malcolm MacDougall | St. Peter’s Bay

Bachelor of Music Education

*Dominique C. Blais | Bridgewater, NS
*Victoria Sara Kingyens | Summerside
*Sarah Joan McCormack | Pleasant Grove
*Amy Elizabeth Wilson | Dumville | NL

Public Administration Diploma

Kristie Heather Arsenault | Charlottetown
Tracey Gallant | Cornwall
Andrew G. Hutchings | Charlottetown
Amanda Jenkins-Adams | Mount Albion
Holly Jean MacInnis | St. Peter’s Bay

Bachelor of Applied Arts in Print Journalism

Cassandra Bernard | Borden
Jaclyn Crawford | Harrington
Xiaoyu Jia | Charlottetown
Amy Anne McGeoghegan | Belfast
Angus McPhail | Charlottetown
Laura Jane Yorke | New Glasgow, NS

Bachelor of Integrated Studies

*Ann R. Doucette | Cornwall | Business
*Janet Elizabeth Doyle | Charlottetown | Business
*David Lynden Ellis | Summerside | Sociology
*Tracey Gallant | Cornwall | Business
Arlene Marie Proctor | Charlottetown | Business
*Micheal Wayne Smith | Charlottetown | Business

Public Administration Certificates

Jaime Alesia Bell | White Sands
Daniel Timothy Carroll | Charlottetown
Christina A. Fontaine | Charlottetown
Emma Catherine McPhail | Charlottetown
Benjamin E. Miller | Elmwood
Melissa Dawn Morrow | Harrington
Megan Murnaghan | Charlottetown
Shirley Ann Rice | Cardigan
Justin David Smith | Charlottetown
Maria Lauren Younker | Charlottetown

Master of Arts

Erin Raylene Kielly | Charlottetown


Cathy Toombs
Academic Records Supervisor - Convocation Coordinator
Registrar's Office
(902) 566-0439

General Dates




5 Wednesday

Classes Begin

14 Friday

FINAL DAY for late registration, for changing courses or sections, for cancellation of courses with full refund; FINAL DAY for payment of fees or formal arrangement with the Accounting Office to pay late

28 Friday

Last day for discontinuing courses - 60% refund

Last full week of September

Founder's Day



1 & 2 (Mon-Tues)

Deans' Honours & Awards Night.  REMINDER: no tests or exams are to be held on the Monday evening to Wednesday portion of the first week in October, when the Deans' Annual Honours and Awards ceremonies are held.

8 Monday

Thanksgiving Day.  No classes

31 Wednesday

Final date to apply to graduate.  Last day for discontinuing couses - 40% refund.  No discontinuations after this date



11 Sunday

Remembrance Day

12 Monday

Holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day.  No classes

13 Tuesday

Student Development Day.  No classes

30 Friday

Final day of First Semester classes.  Deadline for application for second semester



4- 14 (Tues-Fri)

EXAMINATIONS.  Note:  No examinations will be held during the period 19 November to 30 November inclusive without the permission of the Chair and appropriate Dean

18 Tuesday

End of first semester.  Course grades to be submitted to Registrar's Office by noon on this date.





3 Thursday

Classes begin

11 Friday

FINAL DAY for late registration, for changing courses or sections, for cancellation of courses with full refund; FINAL DAY for payment of fees or formal arrangement with the Accounting Office to pay late

31 Thursday

Last day for discontinuing courses - 60% refund



18 Monday

Islander Day.  No classes

18-22 (Mon-Fri)

Mid-semester break.  No classes

19 Tuesday

REGISTRATION begins for Summer Sessions 2013

25 Monday

Classes resume



1 Friday

Last day for discontinuing courses - 40% refund.  No discontinuations after this date

29 Friday

Good Friday.  No classes



1 Monday

Easter Monday.  No classes/exams

5 Friday

Final day of classes

9 - 19 (Tues-Fri)

EXAMINATIONS.  Note:  No examinations will be held during the period March 25 - April 5 inclusive without the permission of the Chair and the appropriate Dean

24 Wednesday

End of second semester.  Course grades for fourth year students to be submitted to the Registrar's Office by noon on this date



1 Wednesday

Course grades for third year, second year, first year and part-time students to be submitted to Registrar's Office by noon on this date

11 Saturday


13 Monday

Beginning of first summer session



9 Tuesday

Registration for September 2013 and January 2014.  Students with 4th year standing on July 9, 3rd year standing on July 10, 2nd year standing on July 11; all others on July 12



Please note:  Not all programs follow these dates; please check with your program.



4 Wednesday

Classes begin

13 Friday

FINAL DAY for late registration, for changing courses or sections, for cancellation of courses with full refund; FINAL DAY for payment of fees or formal arrangement with the Accounting Office to pay late.

Last full week of September

Founders' Day

30 Monday

Last day for discontinuing courses - 60% refund

30 Monday

Deans' Honours & Awards Night.  REMINDER - no tests or exams are to be held on the Monday evening to Wednesday portion of the first week in October, when the Deans' Annual Honours and Awards ceremonies are held.



1 Tuesday

Deans' Honours & Awards Night.  REMINDER - no tests or exams are to be held on the Monday evening to Wednesday portion of the first week in October, when the Deans' Annual Honours and Awards ceremonies are held.

7 Monday

Thanksgiving Day.  No classes

31 Thursday

FINAL DATE to apply to graduate. 



1 Friday

Last day for discontinuing courses - 40% refund.  No discontinuations after this date.

11 Monday

Remembrance Day.  No classes

12 Tuesday

Student Development Day.  No classes*

29 Friday

Final Day of First Semester classes.  Deadline for application for second semester



4 - 13 (Wed - Fri)

EXAMINATIONS.  Note:  No examinations will be held during the period 18 November to 29 November inclusive without the permission of the Chair and appropriate Dean.

18 Wednesday

End of first semester.  Course grades to be submitted to Registrar's Office by noon on this date.


*not applicable to Education, Veterinary Medicine and Graduate Studies



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