Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Music Education


In addition to the standard University of Prince Edward Island entrance requirements, candidates for the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education programs will demonstrate technical proficiency, musical expression and learning potential on their instrument or voice. 

A personal interview, audition, and diagnostic tests in theory and aural skills will be arranged prior to registration for each student wishing to enter a Music Program. An audition is not required for entrance into the BA Program with Major in Music.  

Prospective music students must meet both a) the general University admission requirements for UPEI, and b) the following Departmental requirements:

  1. Each student seeking admission to the BMus, or BMusEd program must audition on an instrument or voice, showing proficiency in performance, technique and sight-reading at the Grade VIII RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) level.
  2. Students seeking admission to a Music program must take theory and ear assessments, demonstrating proficiency at the RCM Advanced Rudiments level.

For more information, see the Department of Music website


To apply for any of the music programs at UPEI:

The recommended deadline for application is February 1. All documentation must be complete by August 15 (February 15 for scholarship candidates.) Students are welcome to include a resumé with their application package, if they desire.

The schedule for the various components of the Audition Procedures will be forwarded approximately two weeks in advance of the actual audition date. Be sure that you are familiar with the audition requirements and procedures, and that you are prepared to write the theory and aural skills assessments. NOTE: Applicants for the BA (Music) Program are not required to perform an audition unless they wish to take Applied Music as an elective.


Understanding Music as a Socio-Cultural Practice 2010 and Explorations in Music 2020 may be offered to any non-music major. Students should check with the Chair of the Department in which they are majoring to ensure that these courses may be counted as electives. Note: These courses are not offered every year.

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