Master of Business Administration


a. Master of Business Administration (MBA): degree granted for successful completion of the requirements for the Master of Business Administration degree as listed in the regulations.

b. MBA Committee: a standing committee formed to oversee the MBA program. This committee will work with the UPEI Graduate Studies Committee to ensure all policies and guidelines are being fulfilled.

Other activities will include reviewing and making recommendations to the Dean on programming, courses, graduates’ research, and students’ issues.  In particular, the committee will

  • establish and periodically review the goals and objectives of the MBA program of the School of Business;
  • review all applications from prospective students and recommend acceptance or rejection;
  • make recommendations to the Dean concerning creation, deletion, or modification of graduate programs and courses;
  • direct the coordination of graduate courses and research in the School of Business;
  • review academic records of graduate students and recommend to the Dean the awarding of a degree or courses of action in the event of substandard performance;
  • recommend changes to the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar; and
  • evaluate and recommend to the Dean those faculty to serve as members of the graduate Business faculty.

c. Director of the MBA Program: is a faculty member who has administrative responsibility for the coordination of the MBA program in the School of Business and is Chair of the MBA Committee.

d. Graduate Business Faculty: members of the School of Business who participate in the graduate program are described herein as graduate faculty. These members are assigned their duties by the Dean of the School of Business with the assistance of the Director of the MBA Program. From time to time, faculty members drawn from other faculties may be recommended as graduate faculty. Similarly, Adjunct Professors may serve on graduate student Supervisory Committees as a result of expertise related to a particular project. Normally, graduate faculty will have a doctorate in business or a related field.

e. Business Supervisory Committee: a committee of the School of Business responsible for the supervision of a student’s signature research project. Normally, the committee for each student consists of two members of the School of Business, one of whom serves as the student’s supervisor. If a member of the Supervisory Committee has an appointment in another UPEI faculty or at another university, approval must be provided by the MBA Committee.

f. MBA Advisory Council - members from the larger business community who will have defined terms of reference. Its primary objectives are to provide advice and assist with governance, strategic development of the program, and connections to the larger community.

g.  For the purpose of these regulations, the term "semester" includes first and second semesters (fall and winter) as defined in the calendar and the period from May to August (spring/summer) as a third semester.

h. Description of Graduate Students
Regular Student:
An applicant who has met the admission requirements set out for this program and for UPEI and has been accepted into the Program.  Students are enrolled in the MBA on a program basis and considered to be full time graduate students.


This is a course-based graduate program with a Signature Project. After examining the student's academic record, the Director of the MBA Program will confirm the program for the student. The program will include prescribed studies on the basis of which the candidate's final standing will be determined and, in exceptional cases, it may include additional courses either chosen by the student or specified by the MBA Committee.

Applicants must receive formal notification from the Office of the Registrar that they have been accepted into the program before registering as graduate students in the MBA program.  See the Admissions section in the calendar that applies to the MBA. Students will register each semester in the courses outlined in their MBA program.

Student identification cards, which are used for library purposes, are obtained upon initial registration, and are validated at the Robertson Library at the beginning of each subsequent semester. Loss or theft of an identification card must be reported.

Registration Changes
Changes in student registration (deletion or addition of courses) must be approved by the Director of the MBA Program (with input as required by the MBA Committee) and formal approvals of the University when required.  Please check the UPEI and the School of Business web sites for the most recent program updates.

Except where credits are granted by special permission for courses outside of the School of Business, credits will only be given for courses listed on the student’s registration form or authorized through an official change of registration.

In exceptional cases, the MBA Committee and the Dean of the School of Business may consider flexibility in courses for applicants. This means that students deemed to have significant learning in a particular area may normally be allowed one course exemption which is to be substituted with another approved course.  Appropriate documentation will be required in order to consider course exemption.

The core courses of the MBA program are offered in sequential order within years 1 and 2.  Subject to the approval of the Director of the MBA Program, students may be permitted to take more than one course at a time.  Also, with the approval of the Director of the MBA Program, students may be permitted to take courses out of sequence only if the prerequisites are not impacted. Financial and Managerial Accounting must be successfully completed before taking Corporate Finance and courses 601, 602, 603, 605 are required for Strategic Management.

Academic Credit from Outside the Program
The MBA Program is highly integrated and does not easily lend itself to course by course credit for advanced standing. The courses designed for the Program are of high value for interpersonal skills building, team building and leadership development. Transfer of relevant, graduate course credits from recognized universities is therefore limited.

Students who wish to request a course credit transfer must have the approval of the MBA Committee and the Dean of the School of  Business. They must complete a Permission to Transfer form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. Students may take and receive credit for up to 9 semester hours of course work from academic units outside the School of Business. All course work must be at the graduate level.

Active Status
Students are expected to register for each of their courses. To maintain active status, a student must register for at least one course in the program within any given 12-month period and pay the program fee. If a student withdraws from the program or seeks a deferral, the regulations must be followed. Normally, students must complete the degree within six years of first registering in the program.

If a student has prior permission from the Director of the Program and the Dean of the School of Business to miss a semester or defer studies due to changed circumstances, the student must apply for readmission and the application fee will be waived; however, if program fees increase, the difference must be paid.  With the assistance of the Director of the MBA Program, students are required to develop a course schedule to satisfy all outstanding core courses. A deferral must be requested 21 days before the course start date.

Withdrawal from the Program
Students wishing to withdraw from the program should consult with the Director of the MBA Program. Students may withdraw from a program by notifying the office of the Registrar using the appropriate form. The date of withdrawal is the date the written notification is received.  Students may request in writing, and after discussion with the Director of the MBA Program, a one-time, one year deferral of admission. Upon deferral of admission, the tuition deposit is normally non-refundable. 

Unless otherwise stated in materials given to students, refunds will generally be granted as follows.

Students accepted into year one of the program may withdraw by completing the Program Withdrawal form at least 45 calendar days before commencement of the program. In such cases, 50% of the program admission fee will be refunded. For program withdrawals at any other time, no refund of the program admission fee will be provided.

For withdrawals from the program after courses have begun, the refund of program tuition fees will be on a pro-rata basis depending on the number of courses that the applicant has registered in. This will be determined in accordance with University guidelines.

Withdrawal from a Course
Withdrawal from a course will not occur by default. Students must discuss course withdrawals with the Director of MBA Program. Withdrawal forms must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar within the regulated time frames. If the course withdrawal occurs no later than 7 calendar days after the start of the course (or, in the case of courses that are less than 4 weeks in duration, before 25% of the course’s classes are complete) then the withdrawal results in no academic penalty.

Course withdrawals after the deadline in the paragraph above, must be approved by the Director of the MBA Program.  If such a course withdrawal occurs before two-thirds of the classes are complete, the student will receive a DISC (discontinued) as the grade on the transcript and must pay the course retake fee.

Withdrawals after two-thirds of the classes are complete will normally result in a failing grade on the transcript, and a course retake fee. In exceptional cases where a withdrawal was unavoidable, the course retake fee may be waived and a DISC may appear on the transcript instead of a failing grade.

Incomplete Courses
A student, who fails to complete all components of a course due to circumstances, such as illness, may be granted permission for incomplete (INC) status in the course. Students must submit such a request to the Director of  the MBA Program before the end date for the course. The Director will seek advice from the professor concerned as to granting the incomplete status.

If approved, students will have up to a maximum of 30 calendar days to complete the outstanding individual assignments, as specified by the professor and approved by the Director of  the MBA Program. If a student does not complete all the components of a course by the agreed-upon date, normally a failing grade shall replace INC on the transcript.

Re-registrations and Course Re-takes
Students who fail a course in the MBA program may re-take the course up to an additional two times and pay the course re-take fee each time. If the course is failed after the third attempt, the student will be expelled from the MBA program, with no opportunity for re-enrolment. If applicable, refunds of relevant fees will be issued.

A student who has not completed all the requirements for the Signature Project by the due date must re-take the course and pay the course re-take fee.

Re-enrolment in the Program
Re-enrolment in the program can occur, but is subject to re-application and a statement explaining why re-admission should be permitted. The MBA Committee will review these materials for approval. Students will be required to pay all applicable fees and any fee increases that have occurred between the time of their last enrolment and re-enrolment. Credit for courses previously completed will be re-evaluated and applied to the program requirements where appropriate.

A minimum grade of 60% is required in courses and an overall average of 70% is required to pass the program and obtain the degree.

Transcripts of Records
Official transcripts of the student's academic record are available through the Registrar's Office. Transcripts will be sent to other universities, to prospective employers, or to others outside the University only upon formal request by the student. 

Graduation Requirements
To be awarded the Master of Business Administration degree, a graduate student must:

  • successfully complete the program of studies as set out at the time of admission into the program or as agreed to by the MBA Committee,
  • complete and submit an Application for Graduation form, and
  • meet all other University regulations.

In addition, students must have paid all fees owed to the University and returned all library resources.

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