Team Dynamics in the Workplace

Course Category: 
Interpersonal and Workplace Conflict Resolution Certificate
This two-day course will explore the dynamics of team functioning. Through lectures and exercises (which may include role plays), participants will:
Examine the five stages of team development and the establishment of team norms;
Explore common communication problems and learn how to promote the safe and respectful exchange of ideas by team members; 
Learn how to maximize team performance using strategies for working effectively with different personality types;
Examine collaborative strategies for constructively managing team conflict;
Explore team decision-making and learn strategies for coming up with and evaluating options/solutions;
Explore how to create a shared vision for success by setting overall and supporting goals and by developing a strategy for achieving and measuring outcomes;
Examine the behaviours of a good leader and the skills required to keep a team focused on targets and motivated to succeed;
Examine the common causes of team dysfunction and learn strategies for overcoming dysfunction to achieve greater team success;
Learn how to get the benefits of and manage the challenges brought about by cultural, generational and organizational diversity on teams.
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