Respecting Personality Differences and Their Impact on Communication

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Interpersonal and Workplace Conflict Resolution Certificate
There is no prerequisite for this course.

This course provides participants with an understanding of how personality type (using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator tool) impacts communication in the workplace. Through lectures and activities, participants:

  • Learn to identify their individual personality type preferences
  • Examine normal differences that occur in how people perceive information and make workplace decisions
  • Examine communication strengths related to type preferences
  • Examine communication challenges related to type preferences
  • Learn how to use personality type preferences to enhance workplace communication and teamwork
  • Examine the role of personality type in dealing with and communicating about organizational change
  • Explore how personality preferences impact our communications in relation to conflict resolution and problem-solving.

This course is facilitated by an MBTI Certified Step 1 and Step II Practitioner.

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