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Introduction to Financial Management

Course Category: 
New Managers Certificate
Stand-alone Courses

Those working in a new or expanded financial manager role whether it be in the non-profit, public sectors or private industry often times take on many different roles within the area of finance. Introduction to financial management, the first in the series offered as part of the financial management certificate will help lay the foundation for understanding financial literacy, fundamental financial accounting theory and concepts, analyzing performance results and identifying signs of financial problems. Those completing this course can expect to leave with a greater understanding of how to read and interpret financial statements through an interactive learning environment covering financial accounting theory and actual case studies.Upon completion of this workshop, participants will understand and be exposed to:

  • Financial accounting and general accounting theory and concepts
  • The different types of accountant reports: internal and externally prepared (Compilation, Review Engagement, or Audit)
  • Various Financial Reporting Standards or Frameworks
  • Analysis of financial statements for evaluating business performance
  • Financial performance ratios: such as asset-based, liquidity and profitability ratios
  • Historical performance measures and trends to better position the business in the future
  • The needs of the business and identifying signs of financial problems


  • New Managers Series Certificate: $2,500 for 8-course certificate
  • Stand-alone course: $339

Schedule for this Course

Course Date
July 12, 2019 - 8:30am
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