Welcome Message and Enrolment Update #3

Dear members of the UPEI community,

It is with great excitement that I welcome you back to another academic year at the University of Prince Edward Island.

I had the pleasure of meeting many new students on a very successful Welcome Day and then taking part in the kick-off for an energizing O-Week on August 31st. My outlook has been brightened our incoming students' enthusiasm, along with the excitement shown by the many returning students who I have greeted in the past few days. I have been so impressed with the leadership and respectfulness demonstrated by our students and congratulate UPEISU President Anastasia Smallwood and O-Week Coordinator Lucas MacArthur and their many team members on a job well done.

You will see below in today's update on UPEI's enrolment situation for Fall 2013 that, as expected, our overall numbers are down slightly. However, just as our new incoming class has high hopes for their UPEI experience, I have high expectations for the upcoming fall term and beyond.

My hope is lifted further by one student story in particular from Welcome Day. I met Mateo Lombardi, a new student from Bermuda who had arrived at UPEI a few days earlier with his parents. Mateo discovered UPEI on a tour two years ago that had been organized by his high school. Of all the Canadian universities he visited, he chose UPEI. Why? Because of similarities between the people and culture of PEI with that of his home, the direct follow-up and personal touches by our staff, and as further evidenced on Welcome Day, UPEI's intimate learning environment. I was able to introduce Mateo, who is enrolled in Arts, to Jim Sentance, chair of the very department (Economics) that Mateo is keen to explore, and who he will likely have many more meetings with over his University career at UPEI.

I thank our many dedicated staff and faculty who made Welcome Day a reality and a success. Your efforts to provide our students with well-coordinated, convenient services and a warm welcome delivered the beginnings of an outstanding First-Year Experience. Along with the efforts of those who are collaborating on our strategic plan, we will continue to grow our focus on student experience and engagement to secure UPEI's growth into the future.

Further enrollment updates will be sent on September 17 and October 15 to keep you fully informed. Again, please keep in mind that these statistics remain fluid for the next few weeks until more stable numbers are published in mid-October.

Once again, I would like to express my great appreciation to all our faculty and staff for all their efforts. I would also like to extend my gratitude to our PEI community for its strong support and belief in UPEI.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,


Enrollment update as of September 5, 2013 as compared to September 6, 2012

Total registrations for all programs, new and returning students

 Total # registrants (headcount): 4,308, (-4.2%, 190 fewer students)

 International registrants: 597 (+7.8%, or 43 more students)

 Full-time registrants: 3,854 (-1.4%, 56 fewer students); Part-time registrants: 454 (-22.8%, 134 fewer students).

 Full-time undergraduates (excluding DVM and BEd): 3209 (-2.2%, 72 fewer students). 
By faculty:
Arts: 995 (-10.9%, 122 fewer students); Business: 622 (-0.8%, 5 fewer students); Nursing: 268 (+4.3%, 11 more students); Science: 1234 (+3.1%, 37 more students).

 DVM: 251 (+1.2%, 3 more student)

 BEd: 145 (-44.9%, 118 fewer students, 87 of which are part-time)

 Graduate students: 292 (+16.3%, 41 more students)
The growth is largely due to increase in MEd: 92 (+95.7%, 45 more students), PhD Education: 12 (+200%, 8 more students); Master of Nursing: 11 (+37.5%, 3 more students); MSc: 34 (+9.7%, 3 more students), and PhD Science: 8 (+100%, 4 more students). Other graduate programs saw a decrease: Master of Arts (MAIS): 19 (-5%, 1 fewer student); MBA: 76 (-11.6%, 10 fewer students); Master of Veterinary Science: 8 (-20%, 2 fewer students), and PhD at AVC: 32 (-17.9%, 7 fewer students).

Total # course registrations

 17,510 (-4.6%, 844 fewer registrations).

 Arts: -5.6%; Business: -2.4%; Education: -36.6%; Nursing: -0.2%; Science: +1.8%; Veterinary Medicine: +0.2%

The curriculum change from Global Issues (under Education) to UPEI 102 (under Arts) has affected course registrations for both Education and Arts. After adjusting for the curriculum change, the decline in Education would have been -26.6% and in Arts would have been -7.1%.

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